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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

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Our Mission and Vision

We at &Beyond Yacht Charters firmly believe that a successful business is built on great relationships. Our core values keep us aligned and focused on the decisions we make and the service we provide to our contracted yacht owners, the partnership and respect we offer to our charter consultants and our vendors, the mentorship and support we offer our crews and employees, and the charter experience we deliver to our guests.

Our mission on charter is to expose our guests to the uniqueness of the location they are experiencing with us. We provide fun-filled, experience-rich, participative, and hospitality enhanced charters. The pace of the vacation, however, at all times is dictated by our guests.

&Beyond Yacht Charters commits to continuously align all aspects of our brand to ensure that every yacht within our fleet will produce at the highest tier in the category.

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Who we Are

Collin and Corinne grew up in South Africa with the opportunity to appreciate nature and witness its perfect design from a young age.  They have been together for some years and have enjoyed owning and managing a vacation destination company operating in Southern Africa for several years before turning their sights on the Virgin Islands.

“Many would argue that nature and the human psyche are inextricably linked and that this relationship is of fundamental importance to human and environmental health.” Truthfully, Corinne and Collin couldn’t agree more. Their vision is to expose others to the wonders of the Virgin Islands and the greater Caribbean, so they too can fall in love with not only the area but the way it makes them feel.

Collin and Corinne are passionate about giving you the experience they are living—in the finest way possible.

“We are a professional crewed yacht charter company providing vacations that positively impact peoples’ lives.”

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Passionate About Preservation

Our mission is to share a unique part of the world with others while maintaining respect for the environment. We are dedicated to environmentally conscious hospitality and sustainable conservation to preserve and protect our oceans.

At &Beyond Yacht Charters, we strongly feel that the moment we all come to truly appreciate our oceans we will begin to fight to preserve them.

Our Management Team

Our management team is committed to providing exceptional service and upholding our vision of excellence in yacht management, clearinghouse services, and charter vacations.

A seagull that has landed on the side railing of a yacht near a fishing pole
Simon Carey, COO for &Beyond Yacht Charters

Simon Carey

Chief Operations Officer

Where to begin. Simon has taken his dreams and passions and turned them into reality. As a sailor there is no ocean he has not sailed; as an entrepreneur, there is no passion of his that he has not placed in action; as a visionary thinker, he has always pushed the limit to achieve the greatest outcomes. He is the go-to man.

After Simon spent two years in the Peace Corps in Botswana, which he describes as, “one of the greatest experiences ever”, his lust for adventure consumed him, and to make a very long story short, he began crewing on a charter yacht in the Indian Ocean Islands of the Comoros and Seychelles. He never looked back. He completed his RYA Ocean Yacht Master license in Cape Town and took it on the ‘ocean’ genuinely sharing the ocean with everyone he meets.

His entrepreneurial spirit took hold, bought a Swan 42, and sailed it from Ft Lauderdale to Greece to start his own charter business. Seven years later he managed a fleet of Swans in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Moorings took notice of him, and soon thereafter he returned to the states to The Moorings headquarters as global technical director. The charter industry was rapidly changing at that time, TUI Marine gobbled up Sunsail and then The Moorings. During this time, Simon oversaw the global merging of the two competing brands, which took him all over the world from Tahiti to St Lucia. He finally ended up in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as regional director for TUI Marine (TheMoorings/Sunsail) for the Windward Islands.

Simon has joined the &Beyond Yacht Charter Team to solidify the operational execution of our fleet, placing &Beyond Yacht Charters at the forefront of the crewed yacht charter industry.

Liza Kharoubi, Chief Charter Consultant for &Beyond Yacht Charters

Liza Kharoubi

Chief Charter Consultant

Originally from the South of France, Liza has always been inspired by the sea, spending a vast amount of time on the Mediterranean coast before moving to England, then New Zealand and Latin America. She speaks fluent English, French and Spanish and is always eager to learn and challenge her knowledge: with a doctorate in Philosophy and Literature and a Master of Business Administration, she meets the world of yachting with fresh strategic perspectives and valuable past experience as a yacht charter consultant in the Virgin Islands, the Mediterranean and The Bahamas. She believes that a yacht charter vacation creates awareness and care for our ocean environment, a reconnection with each other and the beautiful surroundings, together creating a profound social impact.

Donna Forney, Chief Financial Officer for &Beyond Yacht Charters

Donna Forney

Chief Financial Officer

Coming Soon.

Our Crew

Every &Beyond Yacht Charters crewman is not only passionate about the ocean but also about the history and uniqueness of each and every location we visit with our guests. We continuously educate, develop, and offer growth opportunities for our crew so you can be assured that whenever you visit, your crew is nothing but the best. After all, you don’t deserve any less.

A seagull that has landed on the side railing of a yacht near a fishing pole
Jake and Stephanie, crew members for Dreamcatcher catamaran

Captain Jake and First Mate Stephanie

Crew Members of Dreamcatcher Yacht

Jake’s affable good nature, easy-going personality, and caring demeanor have made him many, lifelong friends. He is an excellent captain and holds a USCG Master Captain 100-ton certification. He is also a true Renaissance man with an astonishing array of skills and talents. He lives by the motto “Be the random acts of kindness you wish to see in the world.”

Stephanie’s motto is “Live your best life”. For her, that also means making sure that her guests are living their best lives every minute they are on board DREAMCATCHER. She says, “Most people come on to our boat as a guest but leave as family. It is important to me to treat each guest like I would a dear friend and to pay attention to their needs.  While her food is superb, she is also an excellent first mate, delightful hostess, and patient teacher for those who need a bit of instruction with the water toys and gear.

Charter Dreamcatcher and discover more than a tropical paradise, discover new friends.

Chris and Lida, crew members for Libra yacht

Captain Chris and First Mate Lida

Crew Members of Libra Yacht

Captain Chris and his partner Lida will guarantee you an exceptional week. Their top priority is to inspire and awaken guests’ passion for the ocean and make it an unforgettable journey. As an outgoing, sociable couple they know how to create a friendly, accommodating homelike atmosphere.

“We are a passionate hard-working couple that works exceptionally well together. We love people and giving them the best experience in every possible way.”

Jason and Mindy, crew members for Dolphin Daze yacht

Captain Jason and First Mate Mindy

Crew members of Dolphin Daze Yacht

Jason and Mindy met as friends while living aboard their sail yachts in Charleston. Undoubtedly, their shared interests and love for the water brought them together. Today they are living life to the fullest in the beautiful Virgin Islands.

Growing tired of his office job, Jason set out to make a career change. For years he honed his sailing skills while running a successful day charter business on Lake Norman just outside of Charlotte, NC. Once his daughter was off to college, he moved to Charleston, SC where he finished up his IT career and started his new career as a charter boat Captain in the islands. Jason enjoys showing guests those special places that not many people know about, but are sure to leave a lasting memory.

Mindy worked as a lab researcher for a few years but always caught herself staring out at the Charleston harbor dreaming of seeing the things she studied in school. She bought a sailboat and taught herself how to sail a 32’ Endeavor monohull. Mindy had to learn from the ground up, from scraping the hull, replacing oil, water impellers to navigating the waterways sailing wing on wing. Mindy brings her own flare of Charleston cuisine to the islands with her signature low country dishes that leave you feeling you are at home.

Together this fun-loving couple with their Southern hospitality and charm will have you enjoying your vacation, with unforgettable memories!

Dolphin Daze
Keagan and Olivia, crew members for Sea Dog yacht

Captain Keagan and First Mate Olivia

Crew members of Sea Dog Yacht

Keagan has a tremendous adventurous spirit that has been very much alive through his life adventures. He is an explorer at heart and is fun-loving, easy-going, and confident with nature. He is superb at building close relationships with everyone he meets.

Olivia shares Keagan’s natural “people person” talent making you feel as if you’ve known her forever. She is loving, vivacious, and energetic and our guests absolutely love her. She has an enthusiasm for travel, cooking, and hospitality and love photography. Olvia and Keagn will create the most memorable vacation you could ever experience.

Sea Dog
Thomson and Shayna, crew members of Island R&R catamaran yacht

Captain Thomson and First Mate Shayna

Crew members of Island R&R Yacht

Thomson and Shayna first crossed paths on the ocean while enjoying a cruise on a classic wooden schooner with mutual friends off the coast of Tybee Island, GA. Shortly after they were inseparable and started a life of adventure, sharing a deep passion for art, design, and science.

Thomson and Shayna welcome you to join an unforgettable experience in one of the most magical places on Earth. Through their love of biology, science, and adventure, they will create a memorable and safe time where you will stop existing and start living. Thomson and Shayna’s southern hospitality and manners will make you feel at home on the sea. Nothing but good times on the horizon!

Island R&R
Bertie and Teresa, crew members for Entheos catamaran

Captain Bertie and First Mate Teresa

Crew members of Outback Yacht

Captain Bertie Chapman originally from Cape Town South Africa has sailed, snorkeled and deep-sea fished from the Mozambican coast to Sodwana Bay and St Lucia, the coast of Natal South Africa, Port Alfred (Eastern Cape), and most of Western Cape.

Teresa, Bertie’s wife, and First Mate has always shared Bertie’s dream of owning their own yacht and becoming full-time sailors. They fell in love with USVI/BVI and decided to stay, they are now in their fourth charter season in the BVI and USVI.

Heiko and Rebecca, crew members of Felix yacht

Captain Rebecca and First Mate Heiko

Crew members of Felix

Heiko, born and raised in Germany, is an RYA Offshore Yacht-Master.  He left his job in IT management in 2014 to begin his dream to travel. Initially intending to be away for about a year, he soon realized that going back to an office-based job did not feel right for him anymore. Since then he has traveled throughout South and Central America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia. During this time he visited 30+ countries, speed-hiked the Camino de Santiago, hiked up 5000m high mountains, learned to speak Spanish, went scuba and freediving around the world, and had many more beautiful experiences above and below the water.  He is also a freediving and yoga instructor. Heiko loves to be out in the blue of the ocean and enjoys sharing his passions as a guide by creating safe and unique experiences.

Rebecca was born and raised in New York City but has lived all around the world since 2004. After graduating from NYU in 2002 with a B.A. in Economics & Psychology, Rebecca worked at investment banks in New York and Hong Kong as a trading assistant. A trip to Australia in 2005 changed her life completely – she learned to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef and fell completely in love with diving. Two years later, she left the concrete jungle and trading floor for real jungles and sea floors.

She spent two months diving her way around the Philippines, three months on a marine conservation expedition in Madagascar, and four months completing her Divemaster internship in Malaysia. Afterward, life took an unexpected turn and she found herself living in Sweden for a year, where she discovered her love for sailing and life afloat. Still holding onto her dream to teach scuba and share the underwater world with others, she put her plans for sailing to the Caribbean on hold to become a PADI Instructor and has worked in Thailand, Hawaii, and Indonesia. She loves living in the tropics, surrounded by water, nature, and wildlife, and thrives on sharing her passions with her guests.

Heiko and Rebecca are passionate about providing a highly professional level of service in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere while creating the most memorable experiences for their guests. They love getting to know you and tailoring each charter to your preferences and desires, allowing you to kick back, relax, and enjoy.

Mike and Julie, crew members for Hero's Journey Yacht

Captain Mike and First Mate Julie

Crew members of Hero's Journey

Mike and Julie met soon after high school and have been inseparable ever since. While raising their family, Mike & Julie took family vacations up north which always meant time on the water boating, fishing, skiing, biking and lots of great memories with the family. They also traveled to tropical destinations to escape the cold winter months. When they took a family trip to the Virgin Islands they knew they would be back for good at some point. They bought a sailboat in Florida after their family was raised, spent time there and made the jump to come back to the islands after selling their home and everything they owned in 2019. They have run successful charters in the Virgin Islands ever since.

Mike grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes and took full advantage of as many opportunities as he could to hit the lakes.

As a boy and young man he spent many summers up north at the family cabin taking advantage of all water sports. It’s here that Mike developed his love of being on the water. Mike has been an entrepreneur most of his life and has, along with Julie run a personal training business, owned a fitness center and worked in the oil fields. In his free time, Mike enjoys working out, reading and ‘wrenching’ on things. Mike looks forward to showing his guests a great time and all the amazing experiences the islands have to offer.

Julie was born in Minnesota and moved to California as a young girl. It was then that Julie fell in love with the ocean and the peace and serenity it brought her.

Julie’s love of cooking and food started at a young age as her mother was a wonderful cook and teacher and had Julie in the kitchen with her. Because of her early start, Julie worked in the service industry in many different fields after moving back to Minnesota. Julie loves to cook a wide range of foods but her favorites are comfort style, using fresh local ingredients. Julie’s hobbies are crocheting, cooking, working out with Mike and people watching :).

Julie looks forward to having you and your family join them for an unforgettable experience. They hope to help others create lasting lifetime memories in their dream destination.

Hero's Journey
Captain Chino and First Mate Noa, crew members of True Story Yacht

Captain Chino and First Mate Noa

Crew members of True Story

Chino always had a passion for travel and the water having grown up in a small village in Israel surrounded by rivers and nature. 5 years ago, Chino took himself off to Africa for a year and fell in love with travel. He was determined to come up with an idea of how to combine work and travel. While in South Africa he was exposed to the yachting industry in Cape Town and the prospect of becoming a charter yacht captain. Chino returned home with a dream to sail in the Caribbean. He received his 100T captain’s license and began working for a charter company running sailing charters in the Mediterranean.

Noa grew up in Jerusalem in the mountains and as a child she always enjoyed water sports and swimming. As a young adult she traveled to the USA, Central America and the Caribbean for just under 12 months. Noa then completed her degree in social work, met Chino and made the wonderful decision to join him.
Noa comes from a huge family with many cousins and their children. Her family’s favorite pastime is getting together around the dining table with numerous family members for meals every weekend.

Since the age of 16, she has worked in restaurants and coffeeshops as a waitress, bartender and a manager. She loves the hospitality industry and it’s a huge part of her personality. Her love and passion for cooking has grown immensely since working on charters. Her cuisine is Mediterranean based incorporating influences from her trip to Central America and the Caribbean.

After Noa and Chino met they were offered an opportunity to work together in the Caribbean. They worked in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a year and then for a further 5 months in the northern Caribbean. Together, they completed more than 25 charters.

Chino loves boats, is an experienced captain with great patience and is always keen to teach others how to sail. He is also an avid fisherman with loads of experience in fish preparation having worked in aquaculture for a year. Chino loves nothing better than to assist guests with fishing from the yacht offering a sea-to-table experience with the catch of the day.

Chino and Noa are positive, friendly and engaging individuals who work extremely well together ensuring that you will have a 5-star experience, with great food, excellent service and loads of fun. They love games and love to play and teach new games that they have on board. Be aware of Chino’s winning streak!
Both of them are scuba divemasters offering scuba onboard. Both love sport and exercise, and if you are an early bird, you’ll catch them exercising on the bow of the boat. They have equipment onboard and will be more than happy to lead guests in a workout session (with or without equipment) or lead a Pilates class if preferred. These sessions would either take place on the boat or on the beach.

Chino and Noa can’t wait to have you onboard True Story and share this beautiful part of the world with you.

True Story
Captain Dillion and First Mate Amanda, crew members of Big Nauti Yacht

Captain Dillion and First Mate Amanda

Crew members of Big Nauti

Dillon’s first job at sea was on board a glass-bottom shipwreck tour boat for NOAA. This job was the spark that ignited the fire that continues to drive Dillon today. Quickly he became a PADI divemaster which allowed him to work as an aquarist at Albuquerque Aquarium as well as a dive guide in Kona, Hawaii. Thus, expanding his love for the ocean and awareness of conservation of the sea. In Hawaii, he realized his passion for sailing and the open ocean which is why he set his sights on earning his captain’s license. His ambitions grew alongside his boating and sailing skills, which earned him the opportunity to accept jobs that took him all over the world. His abilities allowed him to explore new places within the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Indian Oceans, sailing thousands of miles. His love and passion for the sea emanates to all his guests on board as you explore the waters together.

Amanda was born in Orange County, CA. She spent her early years in the Netherlands, traveling all over Europe until she moved back to the US. Her father would take her out on fishing charters for days at a time with no land in sight. Inspiring her thirst for traveling and the ocean, which in turn fueled her adult life and career. Naturally, she majored in Biology of Anthropology at Cal State University where she quickly joined the Anthropological society. She earned the opportunity to travel to India with the Himalayan Health Exchange. One month in the mountains she started supplying medicine to villagers while learning the local customs and dishes. Afterwards it seemed only fitting to try a new adventure and this ideology allowed her to move to a concierge position at the Hyatt in Maui. She spent five years growing and sharing her love for the islands with each client. Six months before leaving the island, her aspirations drove her to owning a business in Charleston, SC which her family now run.
One year later Dillon and Amanda chose to embark on a new venture in St. Thomas doing term charters.

Big Nauti
Captain Scott and First Mate Nikki, crew members of Sol Seeker Yacht

Captain Scott and First Mate Nikki

Crew members of Sol Seeker

Scott, is a lover of adventure, land, air, and sea. He spent his life on land as an educator, teaching biology and earth science with a love of nature and exploration. He loves learning and teaching and has filled his mind with a plethora of trivia, nautical and otherwise. His aquatic experience started with SCUBA diving at the ripe, young age of 16. He learned to sail across the seasons on Lake Michigan, braving the chill of spring and fall while taking care of charter guests in the narrow summer months. He brings creativity and excitement to your adventure with a desire to always find something new and unique on every trip.

Nikki, was raised on the waters of the Mississippi River and has loved water her entire life. She grew up camping and boating, finding adventure and excitement in the water. A love of photography grew as she found more and more memorable pieces of nature to capture on film. Her love of food extends not only to the pleasure of the palate but also a respect for allergies and preferences across diets. She has spent the majority of her life as a Sign Language Interpreter, working in every field including medicine and travel just to name a few. For the past decade she has been learning and honing her sailing skills on the mercurial Lake Michigan, and taken those skills to the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Caribbean to see the world from the water. In recent years she has taken new sailors under her wing to share her knowledge. She loves sharing both the thrill of the reefed sail and heavy heel as well as the peace and quiet of a hoisted sail and silenced motor.

Together they will sail you around the islands and keep your mind on vacation as you join them on Sol Seeker seeking adventure in the sun.

Sol Seeker

"Thank you for creating the experience of a lifetime. Words can't describe the impact this trip and y'all have had on me. Y'all were amazing and are a wonderful team. I hope you continue doing what you love and having such a positive impact. I am sad to leave but here's to friends for life! I know there is never going to be another New Year than can top this one. Cheers to never finding your limits."