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LaysanCrewed Yacht Charter - US Virgin Islands

Built in 2017, Laysan is the epitome of luxury afloat. 72 ft long and 35 ft wide, the space will amaze and comfort you. Whether at sail, motoring or at anchor LAYSAN defines stability and luxury, start planning today your next vacation aboard this yacht charter!

Yacht Details

Built in 2017, LAYSAN is the epitome of luxury afloat. 72 ft long and 35 ft wide, the space will amaze and comfort you. Whether at sail, motoring or anchor LAYSAN defines stability and luxury.

The finest finishes and fittings were appointed to create a truly breathtaking modern and elegant living space while functioning to the highest standard for a contemporary yacht.

Sailing at speeds of over 13 knots is like flying over water. The feeling will intoxicate you from the pure elegance and peace LAYSAN offers.

Comfortably Sleeps


4 queens

Number of Cabins


4 ensuite bathrooms


Low Rate: USD 27000

High Rate: USD 35500

per week

Yacht Crew

Kevyn Keth-Walther (Captain)
Melissa Geyer (Chef)
Tammy Meiring (Stew)

Combined, Captain Kevyn and Chef Melissa have 12 years of yachting experience.
Kevyn was born in South Africa and has always had a deep love of the ocean. As a young boy, he learnt to sail Hobie Cats and Lasers and loved to surf and dive.

After school, he spent some time in the military and then become regional bar manager for a chain of high-end hotels.

In 2016 he decided to pursue his passion for sailing and worked his way up to being a Captain.

Melissa was born in South Africa and from a young age, found her love of food and gardening.
She was always in the kitchen or out in the garden where she learned the concept of “food to table”, growing her families own food. Her father was an avid fisherman and she enjoyed accompanying him on his fishing trips. Naturally, a career on the ocean, making food, became a calling.

In 2014, she started her maritime career on cruise ships as a photographer, and in 2018, started her
career on yachts as a chef.
Her interests include diving, sea bird watching (ornithology) and furthering her knowledge in the art of coastal foraging.

In 2018, Kevyn and Melissa met each other in Thailand working on a 100ft sailing yacht and have been together ever since then working on 52ft, 60ft and 70ft sailing catamarans as the sole crew.

Together they have become scuba dive masters, travelled to many places exploring this beautiful planet and continue to learn as much as they can along the way.

Tammy is Zimbabwean born and raised. As a young child she spent most school vacations in the ‘bush’ at Chirundu or on the water of Lake Kariba – always outdoors and active be it in the sand, water or up a tree. In later years she would spend at least every second weekend out of the city and knew that town/office life was not for her.

She chose the yachting profession which suits her desire to be outdoors and to interact with people from all walks of life. She is delighted to have the best of both.

Kevyn, Melissa and Tammy look forward to hosting and “wowing” their guests on the beautiful Laysan this coming season.

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What people are saying

We just finished the vacation of a lifetime!

Everything came together like a swiss watch! Beautiful weather! Amazing Yacht! Loved sailing in the USVI! The food was to die for!

The activities were all perfect: swimming, snorkeling, boarding, beaching, and the list goes on.

We were made to feel so comfortable and so relaxed, we will be sharing stories and photos and memories forever!

The kids has so many firsts and lifetime memories. Just to list a few: sea turtles, wakeboarding, s'mores, sun rises, sun sets, star gazing, bosun's chair, the drone shots, Maho bay, French toast breakfasts, swimming the lazy river under the hull and just living on Laysan!

Until our next charter vacation!

- Laysan Charter Guest

Thank you so much for an amazing time on this beautiful yacht! Loved it all.
I did not think I would since I am a little afraid of boats but I was so wrong.
We were so happy. Snorkeling was especially fun and finding shells on the beach with my family.

Thank you!

- Laysan Charter Guest

I am so sad to be leaving the USVI and this beautiful boat. Thank you for the amazing hospitality ,teaching us about the boat, skiing and tubing, the wonderful meals and all the laughter.

The greatest compliment I can give is that we will be back!

- Laysan Charter Guest

The past week has been an amazing experience.

An amazing job of taking care of our family on this special trip - 50 year anniversary, 5 year anniversary, 40th birthday and a 15 year anniversary celebration all on one trip was a lot to ask, our expectations exceeded in every way.

Thank you for the care and hospitality shared with us. We are very much looking forward to the next trip we can take on Laysan.

Wishing you full sails and smooth waters.

- Laysan Charter Guest

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