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Here?s What it?s Like to Spend the Holidays in the Virgin Islands

Have you been thinking about switching out your holidays in the snow for holidays in the sun? We find that when people are first considering a yacht charter vacation over the holiday season, their reservations are mostly based on what they might miss about being home. They?re not sure what to expect and feel a little worried that the holidays won?t be the same on a boat. 

But there are many reasons why Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year?s Eve are among our most popular weeks of the year.

Here are a couple of things to help you decide if spending the holidays in the Virgin Islands sounds right for you and your family?


Puedes llevar contigo algunas de tus tradiciones navideñas favoritas

Have ornaments or stockings you love hanging up every year? Pack ?em and your crew will decorate the boat with them!

¿Siempre vas de puerta en puerta cantando villancicos? ¡Súbete al bote y canta villancicos alrededor del campo de amarre!



Feel like Thanksgiving wouldn?t be Thanksgiving without Grandma?s yams? Send the recipe to your crew, and we?ll make sure it?s a part of your holiday table!

The point is, we?re here to make your holidays at sea just as magical, if not more so, than the ones you?ve spent on land. If you?ve got a tradition you?d like to bring aboard with you, just let us know and we?ll do our utmost to accommodate it. 


En lugar de alojarse en la misma casa, varias familias navegarán en flotilla

If you?ve got a large, multi-generational family group, we?ll help you coordinate which yachts will be the best fit for your group. Then, the yachts? crews will coordinate your charter so that the boats can all stick together, anchoring/mooring in the same spots each evening.



It?s a ton of fun to sail as a group of boats and makes for amazing photos!


Otra persona hace la gran comida de las vacaciones

This is hands down the number one thing our holiday guests love about spending the holidays on yacht charter – they don?t have to do the cooking! Or the planning. Or the shopping. Or the clean-up. Huzzah!



Tener un chef de yate es una forma segura de eliminar todo el estrés de su temporada de vacaciones. Su chef trabajará con sus preferencias alimentarias para asegurar que su comida navideña sea más que memorable. 


You?ll rub elbows with the rich and famous 

La temporada de vacaciones en el Caribe es una de las épocas más populares del año. A los súper ricos les encanta escapar del frío invierno y todos se dirigen al sur, sabiendo que construir un hombre de arena es MUCHO mejor que construir un muñeco de nieve. 



Some of the largest, most opulent yachts in the world are in the Virgin Islands waters over the holidays, so you?ll have some truly fabulous scenery around you while on charter. And who knows – you may even sidle up next to a celebrity or two at the beach bar. 

Either way, you?ll be sharing the same views and beaches as those who can afford to travel anywhere in the world. You don?t need a billion dollar yacht to soak up this destination!

There are still Christmas trees, but they?re on the beach

Think Christmas won?t feel like Christmas in the Caribbean? Think again. 

The holiday spirit is alive and strong in the Virgin Islands. Locals love celebrating the season here just as much as you do at home. There are holiday decorations everywhere, Jimmy Buffet crooning carols on the beach bar?s stereo, and plenty of cheer to go around. 


Además, si suele asistir a servicios religiosos en su país para las fiestas, su tripulación puede ayudarle a coordinar una visita a un templo local.  


The fireworks show is over the water – and you watch from your yacht

You?ve never seen a New Year?s Eve fireworks show like ones that takes place over the sparkling Caribbean sea with tropical islands as the backdrop. Watching the bursts of light in the sky from your yacht, floating on the calm waters, is a breathtaking experience. 

There are plenty of NYE parties throughout the islands, if you?d like to dance the night away, or your crew can plan a more low key affair right in the privacy of your own boat. 



Crearás nuevas tradiciones que querrás repetir año tras año

There?s a reason why most of our holiday bookings fill up quickly, often a year in advance. That?s because once you try out spending your holidays in the Caribbean, you want to do it again every year thereafter. 

Spending your holiday on yacht charter not only allows you to bring along traditions from home, but it also allows you to create new traditions: snorkeling before Thanksgiving dinner (while someone else cooks it!), lobster brunch on Christmas morning, a New Year?s Eve bar crawl via dinghy? Not to mention all of the new local holiday treats you?ll soon crave – black cake, sorrel, coquito, guavaberry rum? now we?re getting hungry!



Nos ENCANTA pasar nuestras vacaciones en el Caribe y consideramos que es un placer mostrar a nuestros huéspedes la maravilla y los regalos de la temporada aquí. 


If you?d like to take a yacht charter for the holidays this year, we have a few remaining bookings available over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year?s. Contact our yacht consultant before spaces fill up to check availability and find the perfect yacht for your group?s ultimate charter!