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6 Must-Do Hikes on your USVI Yacht Charter

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Now that you’ve booked a USVI yacht charter, you’ve likely already begun to imagine all of the amazing water sports activities you will partake in. And while the stunning blue waters are irresistible, there’s another aspect of the USVI that often goes overlooked?the breathtaking hikes.

On your next USVI yacht charter with us, allow our crews to show you the natural beauty of the VI that can be found on land, too, in the Virgin Islands National Park. Here are six must-do hikes for your upcoming island vacation:

1. Ram Head Trail, St. John

The Ram Head Trail, located on the east side of St. John, offers world-class, panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and Salt Pond Bay. The trail leads you through diverse landscapes, including cactus-filled plains and dramatic cliffs, making it perfect for those who enjoy a varied hike.

2. Reef Bay Trail, St. John

The Reef Bay Trail, located not far from Cruz Bay on St. John, is an immersive hike that takes you through lush rainforests to a hidden waterfall. The most iconic feature of this hike is the petroglyphs left by the island’s original inhabitants, the Taino people.


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3. Caneel Hill Trail, St. John

For a shorter but equally rewarding hike, visit the Caneel Hill hike. This trail provides stunning vistas of the surrounding islands on a scenic overlook, and is conveniently located near Cruz Bay, making it a perfect day hike on your yacht charter. Also, you’re close to restaurants and shopping that you can enjoy in town before or after your hike.

4. Annaberg Plantation Trail, St. John

Discover the rich history of St. John by hiking the Annaberg Plantation Trail. Wander through the ruins of an 18th-century sugar plantation while enjoying panoramic views of Mary Creek Bay and Leinster Bay. This hike is a great option to pair with kayaking and snorkeling in Leinster Bay and nearby Waterlemon Cay.

5. Magen’s Bay Trail, St. Thomas

St. Thomas’ most famous beach, Magen’s Bay, also offers an intriguing trail to hike. This relatively easy hike is great for bird watchers, and offers a captivating view of the giant bay’s beautiful beach below.

6. Cas Cay, St. Thomas

Located just beyond the Mangrove Lagoon on St. Thomas, Cas Cay is an uninhabited nature preserve. Hike the dramatic cliffs, visit a volcanic blowhole, and enjoy sweeping sea views. Don’t miss the army of hermit crabs who calls this little island home.


These hikes are not only a way to experience the natural beauty of the USVI, but are also a chance to connect with the culture and history of these enchanting islands. Whether you’re an avid hiker or simply seeking a new adventure, these hikes are the perfect complement to your USVI yacht charter. Our crews will be delighted to be your guides to this unique aspect of paradise.

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