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Your BVI Crewed Catamaran Charter: Must See Stops

If you’ve got an upcoming vacation booked on one of our BVI crewed catamaran charters, you’re in for a treat. The British Virgin Islands chain is the perfect balance of natural beauty, iconic beach bars, fun, and relaxation. On a crewed catamaran charter, you’ll be guided by experts in the local waters who are excited to show you all of their favorite places.

Here are some must-see stops to add to your BVI bucket list on your crewed catamaran charter:

White Bay, Jost van Dyke

You simply cannot charter in the BVI without a stop at White Bay. Home to the famous (infamous?) Soggy Dollar Bar, you’ll either swim or dinghy in to enjoy beach time, several charming local beach bars, and an always ready to party crowd.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda

A true natural wonder, these boulders seem to be inexplicably stacked on top of one another, creating caves and grottos for you to explore, starting and ending on two stunning white sand beaches with amazing snorkeling.

BVI crewed yacht charter The Baths Virgin Gorda

Cow Wreck Beach & Tipsy Beach Bar, Anegada

This long, seemingly endless stretch of white sand is the backdrop of dreams (and screensavers!). Not only is the beach stunning, the beach bars and the family who runs them are so welcoming and fun – you’ll never want to leave. This spot is also a favorite of local celebs, Sir Richard Branson and Kenny Chesney.

The Indians, Norman Island

Snorkelers and scuba divers alike are obsessed with these rocky pinnacles. There’s so much to see here; the surrounding flow means the coral and marine life thrive and the relatively shallow depth means it’s accessible for everyone. Find more of our favorite BVI dive sites here.

Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a luxurious spa day, this newly remodeled Rosewood resort is the place. Their spa has sweeping views of the sea and an energy of total island serenity.

BVI crewed catamaran charter Cow Wreck beach Anegada

This is just a short list of the many, many options available on a BVI crewed catamaran charter with us. Please contact our yacht consultant to plan your ultimate BVI getaway. Your yacht consultant and the crew of your charter yacht will customize an itinerary with the ideal stops for your group’s preferences.

Why an All Inclusive Yacht Charter in the Caribbean is the Ultimate Honeymoon

If you’ve got an upcoming wedding in the works, there’s one thing you’re likely looking forward to most… the honeymoon! When searching for honeymoon destinations, the Caribbean – in all its paradisiacal glory – is an easy choice. But where to stay? Enter: the all inclusive Caribbean yacht charter.

Here are our top reasons why an all inclusive yacht charter in the Caribbean makes for the ultimate honeymoon:

You just planned a wedding – the honeymoon is your time to relax and have the planning done for you!

On an all inclusive yacht charter, your experienced crew will handle all of the details. From the practicalities of clearing into Customs & Immigration, to where you should stop during the week, to meal planning and activities… it’s all handled and off your plate. You two can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view – and we’ll bring you some bubbly!

all inclusive yacht charter caribbean honeymoon

Because honeymoons should feel truly luxurious and decadent.

You only get one honeymoon, so this is your opportunity to treat yourselves! Having a well-appointed catamaran complete with a crew to pamper you – all to yourselves – is next level vacationing.

This is your time to reconnect and refresh.

After a wedding and everything leading up to it, you’re both no doubt in need of a break from the world and some quality me + you time. On an all inclusive yacht charter, you get the peace you need to focus on one another, without distractions or annoyances like a busy resort swimming pool or lines at a breakfast buffet. Your yacht is all yours to lounge, dine, and indulge in, so you can re-enter the world as a rejuvenated newly married couple.

all inclusive yacht charter Caribbean honeymoon destinations

The Caribbean is uncomplicated and indisputably wonderful.

There is no better destination for an all inclusive yacht charter. Calm seas, smooth sailing, romantic sunsets, and dreamy beaches are the perfect match for honeymoons. And island hopping on an all inclusive yacht charter means you get to experience many islands without any intricate travel hoops to jump through.

If you’re in the midst of planning your honeymoon and would like more details on Caribbean yacht charter destinations and the right yachts for two, contact our yacht consultant, Liza, for personalized assistance.



Yacht Charter Vacations: How Far in Advance Do You Need to Book?

Are yacht charter vacations quickly rising to the top of your next vacation list? If you’re seriously considering joining us for the ultimate escape, we cannot wait to welcome you aboard. Those in the research stage usually start to wonder how far in advance they need to make their final decision and reserve their charter. While our blanket recommendation is to book as far in advance as you’re able to ensure you get exactly what you want, when you want, here are a few other factors to consider…

The time of year you’re thinking of coming

The majority of our yacht charter vacations take place out of the Virgin Islands. The high season here is December – May, with Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter weeks being in highest demand. If you’re hoping to come during peak season, particularly if you have a specific week in mind, we recommend reserving a year in advance. Many of our repeat yacht charter guests reserve their next charter while ON charter, so the prime weeks at popular times of the year fill up a year or more in advance.


yacht charter vacations reservations booking window

The amount of people you’re traveling with

While we have yachts in our fleet that can accommodate anywhere from 2 – 10 people, the majority of them comfortably host 6 people. So if you’re thinking of a getaway for 2, or have a large, multi-generational group of 8, your options will be slightly more limited, so booking further in advance will help a lot. The same goes if you’ve got an even larger group that you’d like to coordinate a multi-yacht flotilla.

How certain you are of your availability for yacht charter vacations

If you can’t commit due to your schedule being subject to change, we recommend waiting until you’re certain about a specific week to avoid cancellation fees.

How flexible you are on the yacht

If you’ve looked through our Yachts page and have your heart set on a specific yacht, check out their calendar and snag the week you want as soon as possible. If you’re more flexible on the yacht and dates, it gives you more wiggle room to book within a tighter window.

yacht charter vacations Caribbean BVI USVI

We’d love to help you plan, and can answer any questions you have that we didn’t cover here. Contact Liza, our expert yacht consultant, for personalized planning assistance.

All Inclusive Yacht Charters: What to Pack (And What We Already Have Onboard!)

Our all inclusive yacht charters include a lot – which is why “What should I pack?” is a frequently asked pre-arrival guest question. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is a simple guide to help you check this item off your to-do list so you can focus on how excited you are for your upcoming vacation.

Here’s what to pack for all inclusive yacht charters:

  • DO bring soft-sided duffles or luggage. Storage on a yacht must be strategic, so being able to stow away your bags once you’re unpacked is key to everyone’s comfort and mobility.
  • DO bring any age-specific baby gear. If you’re traveling with young children under 30lbs, we recommend that you bring an appropriately sized life jacket.
  • DO bring any medications you require, as we may not be close to a stocked pharmacy at any given point during your charter.
  • DO bring your passports (and visas, if required, depending on your origin country)
  • DO bring swimsuits and comfortable beach wear. Everything is pretty casual in the Caribbean, so you’ll feel right at home in easy, breezy outfits, day and night.
  • DO bring sun protection such as rash guards and hats. You’ll be in the sun a lot more that you likely are at home, so give yourself the option to cover-up.

all inclusive yacht charters what to pack


And here’s what NOT to pack for all inclusive yacht charters:

  • DON’T bring any non-reef-safe sunscreen. It’s important to protect our reefs and regular sunscreens bleach the coral and cause other environmental damage. We have reef-safe sunscreen onboard our yachts, or you’re welcome to bring your own if you require a specific brand.
  • DON’T bring any food, snacks, or drinks. All inclusive yacht charters cover every meal; we promise – you will not go hungry! If you have specific dietary requirements, you will have the opportunity to let us know when you complete your preference sheet a week prior to your yacht charter. We will then plan accordingly and you will be well taken care of.
  • DON’T bring anything fancy that can’t get a little wet. We’ll be traveling to and from the yacht via dinghy often so designer purses, expensive shoes, and prized sneakers aren’t practicable or worth the risk.
  • DON’T bring water sports gear. Our boats are well-equipped with endless water toys including snorkel gear, scuba gear, paddle boards, and more.
  • DON’T bring games, etc. We’ve got all the fun stuff – for all ages – onboard for you, and you’ll be able to download any movies or shows you wish to watch on charter.


all inclusive yacht charters what to pack what not to pack

Still have more questions about what to pack, what to expect, and more pre-charter questions? Visit our blog for more useful posts, or contact us for further vacation concierge services.