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A Yacht Charter for Couples: FAQs

Considering taking a yacht charter vacation for your next couples retreat? A yacht charter for couples is an amazing option to refresh and reconnect – whether you’re going as a twosome, or as a group of couples. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we receive, specific to chartering as a couple. And if there’s anything we missed that you’d still like to know, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our yacht consultant, Liza, directly – she’s always happy to help!

FAQs + Answers regarding taking a yacht charter as a couple:


Are there crewed yachts that can accommodate only two people?

There sure are! While we have many large yachts in our fleet that are geared towards families and groups, we also have smaller yachts that are the perfect set-up for a couple to enjoy on their own. Check out the yacht BelieveN. Also, keep in mind that any yacht can be tailored to a trip for two. So if you see a larger boat in our fleet that you’d love to experience, go for it. There’s no minimum when it comes to guests.


Will it be awkward to be just two of us with the crew?

Not at all. Our crews are often couples themselves, and are hospitality professionals at heart. They are well-trained and naturally intuitive to give you as much or as little space as you like. We hire incredibly interesting, unique people to crew our yachts to ensure our guests have an amazing time with those they’re spending time with on their vacation. In fact, most of our guests end up keeping in touch with their crew for years to come as friends.


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Can we use our yacht charter as an opportunity to learn something together as a couple?

Absolutely! Our crews are multi-talented and possess a variety of certifications and specialties. Let your yacht consultant know at the time of booking what it is you’re hoping to learn – scuba diving, paddle boarding, lobster catching + cooking, etc. – and we will do our best to match you with the crew + yacht to help you do so.


How can we celebrate a special occasion onboard?

Let us know in advance what it is you’re celebrating – engagement, anniversary, or other major milestone – and we will prepare a plan with you to make this a memorable holiday at sea.


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Taking a luxury yacht charter is the ultimate escape for two. Start planing your trip with our yacht consultant today.

Yacht Charter Vacations: What to Expect Before, During, & After

Are you someone who has yet to experience yacht charter vacations firsthand? If so, there may be many aspects of the experience that you have questions about. To help you feel prepared, we compiled a short outline for you below. This way, you can focus more on being excited for your vacation. If you’re still wondering about something in particular after you’ve finished reading this, feel free to reach out directly to our yacht consultant, Liza. She’ll be happy to assist you!


Yacht Haven Grande Marina St Thomas yacht charters


What to Expect BEFORE yacht charter vacations

Once you’ve booked your yacht charter, we will reach out to you to gather your group’s preferences. This is everything from what you do and don’t eat, what you like to drink, and what activities you enjoy. This information will then be passed along to your yacht’s crew so that they can prepare a meal plan for your charter and compile a loose itinerary.

Your crew will arrange a call with you to introduce themselves, become acquainted and discuss your vacation and answer any questions you may have.

Our team will also provide you with detailed information that will assist you with your travel plans, help guide you in what to pack, and answer any pre-arrival questions you have.


What to Expect DURING your charter

Once you arrive into the STT airport and take the pre-arranged short ride to our home base at the Yacht Haven Grande Marina, your luxury yacht charter officially begins. You’ll be welcomed onto your yacht by the crew with drinks and snacks (or a meal, depending on the time of day). Your Captain will share a general itinerary for your trip, though changes can be made throughout based on your preferences (time + weather depending).

You’ll then set off and head to your first stop. Each day, you will spend in a new location, spending each night in a different anchorage. Your daily activities will be based on your location and your group’s preferences – anything from hiking, water sports, relaxing on the boat, floating in the sea, beach bar hopping, and more. All of your drinks, snacks, and meals each day are included.


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What to Expect AFTER your vacation

After arriving back to the marina in St. Thomas, most guests will exchange contact information with the crew to share photos and keep in touch post-charter. You’ll tip your crew 15-20% of the charter rate depending on the service received and say your goodbyes.

You can grab food and drinks, or shop in the Yacht Haven Grande Marina. Then, you will head to the airport for your flight. Once home, many of our guests often like to secure the same week the following year. Most guests often with the same crew, too, if possible. You know what they say – once you take a luxury yacht charter, you’ll never want to vacation elsewhere again!

Your Caribbean Yacht Charter: Dos & Don?ts

Are you getting excited for your upcoming Caribbean yacht charter with us? We can’t wait to welcome you aboard! To help you prepare for your vacation on one of our yachts, we’ve compiled some simple Dos and Don’ts to help ensure you have a positive, memorable experience.


Helpful Dos for your Caribbean Yacht Charter:

DO let us know your dietary preferences in advance

This goes for everyone in your group. If someone is a vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or has another type of food allergy, we need to know well before the date of your charter. This way, your crew can menu plan accordingly and source any special ingredients they may need.

DO respect the environment

We are passionate about preservation and make eco conscious choices on our yachts. We ask that you please refrain from littering, secure items so they don’t drift overboard, and be mindful not to disturb the wildlife or damage coral reefs when snorkeling or diving.


Caribbean yacht charter snorkeling and diving


DO embrace the local culture

The Caribbean is a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions. Engage with the locals, try their traditional cuisine, and show respect for their customs and way of life.

DO pack efficiently

Dress comfortably and casually for warm, tropical weather. The Virgin Islands is a casual place, so nothing beyond a sundress will be required for anything you do ashore. We also ask that you pack in soft-sided luggage, so that it may be stored after you unpack. Space is limited on yachts.



Helpful Don’ts for your Caribbean Yacht Charter:

DON’T bring spray or non reef-safe sunscreen

Spray sunscreen gets all over the boat and makes surfaces slick, which is unsafe, so we do not allow it onboard. We also provide you with eco sunscreen options that will not damage our reefs. If you prefer your own brand, feel free to bring it as long as it’s labeled “reef safe.”

DON’T disregard your safety

Your captain and crew will provide essential safety briefings and you are expected to follow them. We want you to have an amazing time and so we will provide you with the guidance you need to avoid injuries or other mishaps that could cut your vacation short. Parents, you are responsible for the safety of your children at all times.

DON’T forget to tip your crew

Your yacht crew will work hard throughout your charter to ensure you have the best vacation to date. It is customary in the Caribbean to tip 15-20% of your charter rate at the end of your trip, based on the service you received.


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A Caribbean yacht charter is a truly luxurious getaway unlike any other. By adhering to these dos and don’ts, you can make the most of your experience and repeat it for years to come.


?Help me Charter a Yacht!? What our Yacht Consultant Will Do for You

When you first start your research to charter a yacht, things can get really overwhelming, really fast. You want to take a luxury vacation, and suddenly you’re deep into an unfamiliar world with way too many choices. You don’t want to make the wrong choice. So where do you turn?

This is why, first and foremost, we recommend that you start with a luxury yacht charter group like us at &Beyond Yacht Charters. Now, rather than going at it alone, you’ve locked in an expert yacht consultant at your fingertips.

An expert yacht consultant provides concierge-level service to you in the pre-booking and booking stages of your yacht charter holiday.

Here are just a few of the things that nuestra asesora de yates, Liza,, can assist you with:

Selecting the right yacht + crew for your group

Liza knows our fleet intimately. This means that she knows which yachts are the most suited for small children, which crews are the most fun for milestone celebrations, which crews are specially trained to teach specific hobbies such as scuba diving, and more. As your yacht consultant, she will take in all of your unique preferences and vacation desires to match you with the ideal yacht charter.


Tru North luxury yacht charter Caribbean Virgin Islands


Helping you coordinate multiple boats for a flotilla, if you’re traveling with a larger group

The largest yachts in our fleet can accommodate up to 8 – 10 guests. If you’re planning a trip for a larger group such as a company retreat, multi-generational family trip, destination wedding, reunion, or similar, Liza can work within your group’s size and travel dates to pair you with the yachts that can sail around and island hop together, so your group can enjoy a connected vacation amongst multiple charter yachts.


Giving you insider knowledge for all of the things you need to know to charter a yacht

There are going to be a ton of questions that come up when you decide to charter a yacht. The good news? Liza has the answers to all of them (or can find them for you through her expert network)! She can help you feel confident about everything from dates to sail, sailing destinations, Customs & Immigration requirements, navigating dietary restrictions, finding a yacht charter in your budget, and so much more.


Liza Kharoubi, consultora en jefe de alquiler de yates de & Beyond Yacht Charters


Liza, our expert yacht consultant, is here to ensure your luxury experience begins the moment you reach out to inquire about chartering a yacht. Reach out today, and see the &Beyond Yacht Charters difference.