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A Fully Crewed Yacht Charter, or Captain Only? Which Charter is Right for Us?

When searching for yacht charter vacations, you will likely come across options for bareboat charter, captain-only charter, and fully crewed yacht charter. We have shared some of the reasons we recommend chartering yachts with crews versus bareboating in this previous post, but we thought it would also be helpful to share the differences between a captain-only charter compared to fully crewed, which is what we provide at &Beyond Yacht Charters.

*Quick note: If you have questions beyond the scope of this blog post, feel free to reach out to nuestra asesora de yates, Liza,, for a concierge-level booking experience. 

Crewed, but with Captain only

Many yacht charters you will see listed in the Virgin Islands are crewed, but with a captain only. This means that for the entirety of your yacht charter vacation, it will be only your group and the one captain on the vessel. The captain will be responsible for the group’s safety and operation of the boat, as well as transportation to and from the boat via dinghy. He/she will share their local knowledge and recommendations, but beyond that, you will be responsible for the rest – meals, food prep, cleaning, activities, etc.


fully crewed yacht charters USVI BVI


Fully crewed Yacht Charters

At &Beyond Yacht Charters, all of our yachts are fully crewed because we believe it provides a far superior luxury vacation experience.

On our fully crewed yacht charter, there will be a captain and one or two crew members onboard (depending on the size of the vessel) for the entirety of your charter. Our crew members provide an array of services that are officially no longer your responsibility as a guest.

  • Our crew will assist the captain with the operation of the yacht such as docking, mooring, and more.
  • Our crew will maintain the yacht throughout your week onboard to the highest cleanliness standards.
  • Our crew will lead any activities you partake in (hiking, snorkeling, water sports, etc.) to share their local insights and ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Our crew will provision the boat for the week in advance of your arrival, taking into account any special dietary needs/preferences.
  • Our crew will prepare all snacks, drinks, and world class meals, which are included in your charter price.
  • Our crew will provide general service to all guests, sharing their impeccable hospitality each day and night.


As you can see, it’s an entirely different experience to charter a yacht fully crewed compared to captain-only. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury escape, visit our Yachts page to meet our crews and check availability.

Family Yacht Charter Tips: Yachting with Babies & Toddlers

A family yacht charter is the perfect vacation for so many reasons. It’s one of those rare experiences where everyone is happy – parents, kids, and everyone in between.

With a fully crewed yacht, so many of the responsibilities that make vacations exhausting for parents are in the hands of professionals. And the Virgin Islands make for an irresistible setting, with enough opportunities for play and relaxation that all ages feel like they’re truly in paradise.

If you’d like assistance in customizing a yacht charter to suit your family’s needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly


family yacht charter vacation babies toddlers travel Virgin islands


If you’re planning a charter vacation with babies or toddlers in your family, there are a few extra things to keep in mind to ensure your time on the yacht is fun, safe, and stress-free.

Here are a few tips for your next family yacht charter with babies and/or toddlers:

  • Work with our yacht consultant directly. Let Liza know the ages of your children, and she will use her detailed knowledge of our fleet to match you with the best boat and crew for your family.


  • Provide us with any special needs that your baby/toddler has in advance. We will do our best to source the items when provisioning the boat, or be able to let you know what you’ll need to pack to bring with you.


  • Obtain a proper sized life jacket for your little one and bring it along with you.


  • When on the yacht, please maintain a watch of your baby/toddler at all times, or bring a nanny along if you’d like extra assistance in childcare. While our yacht crews love children, they are not responsible for watching over them.


We look forward to welcoming you and your family onboard for a vacation experience unlike any other! If you have additional questions about your upcoming trip, we’d be happy to assist you.

Is a 4 Day Yacht Charter an Option?

While most of our yacht charter inquiries are for a week or more, we occasionally receive requests from guests looking for a slightly shorter option, such as a 4 day yacht charter.

Our luxury yacht charter experience is one that you won’t want to cut short – trust us. But if your schedule is limiting your availability, we can a certainly help you in arranging a trip on one of our yachts. These shorter trips work particularly well if you’re willing and able to be flexible.

Because most of our luxury charters in the Virgin Islands are booked for 7+ nights at a time, that means that it may take a little creativity to find the right window on a yacht that can be available for a 4 day charter. The good news? Our yacht consultant Liza is a master with the calendar. Be sure to reach out to her directly for help!


4 Day yacht charter


How to maximize your time on a shorter charter

To make the most of the time that you have onboard, we recommend that you work with our team to plan a realistic itinerary. We can develop one that makes sense for the amount of days. Depending on your pick-up location, we’ll map out the stops that are the best fit with your preferences and location.

Another option: Combine your 4 day yacht charter with 3 days on land

Our Stay and Sail package gives you the best of both worlds. You combine nights on one of our yacht charters with nights on land at an exclusive resort. This season, we are partnering with the iconic Oil Nut Bay Resort on Virgin Gorda. Contact us for more details on how to maximize your island vacation with this incomparable experience.


Whether you’re looking to join us for 4 days or 7+, we can promise you that your yacht charter will be unlike any other vacation you’ve ever been on. Come indulge in true luxury and see the &Beyond Yacht Charters difference!

All Inclusive Yacht Vacations: Extra Expenses to Include in your Budget

One of the best parts about our all inclusive yacht vacations is that sticking to your holiday budget is simple. Almost everything for your trip is covered in advance, so there isn’t much you need to worry about when it comes to money once you’re on your yacht charter.

Because there’s nothing worse than getting on vacation and being confronted with surprise expenses, we at &Beyond Yacht Charters seek to transparently provide you with all of the information you need in advance. So this way, you have clear expectations for your trip.

Your all inclusive luxury yacht charter with us includes:

  • Our highly trained captains and crews



  • All snacks, drinks, and chef-prepared meals onboard


  • The use of all of our water sports equipment (including scuba gear + tanks, if you choose a yacht that offers diving)


  • Transportation to and from the vessel via dinghy


  • All Customs/Immigration fees.


all inclusive yacht vacations USVI BVI

Here are a couple of expenses that are not included in our all inclusive yacht vacations:

  • Tips for the crew of your yacht. It is customary in our industry to tip our crews at the end of your charter to show appreciation for the exceptional service you received. 15-20% is customary.


  • Any drinks or food purchased onshore. If you’d like to visit the local beach bars and restaurants, we’re happy to provide you with our recommendations. We can also assist you in getting there, however, these meals are not covered in your charter rate.


  • Any souvenir shopping you partake in. There are unique shops and boutiques on some of the islands we will visit during your charter. If you enjoy shopping, we recommend you budget for this.


  • Any advanced water sports you’d like to try or any island excursions you wish to enjoy. If there’s a sport whose equipment we do not have stocked onboard such a kiteboarding, flyboarding, etc., that will be your responsibility to cover. Please let us know in advance if you’d like assistance with these arrangements.


  • Any spa treatments. If you’d like to indulge in spa services, we can assist you in either sourcing a technician to come aboard, or planning in a charter stop at a resort with spa facilities. This expense is not included in your charter rate.


We hope this helps you in properly budgeting for your upcoming all inclusive yacht vacation. We look forward to providing a stress-free, rejuvenating escape for you in the magical Virgin Islands!