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6 Reasons Why Chartering with a Crew is the Way to Go Yachting


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Thinking about chartering a yacht for your next Caribbean vacation but can’t decide whether to go bareboat or crewed? There are many differences between the two experiences, so it’s wise to do your research.

We at AndBeyond Yacht Charters are huge proponents of the crewed yacht charter vacation. In fact, none of our boats are available for bareboat charter (meaning: without crew). That’s because we’re committed to delivering more than just a vacation – we’re here to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. And we know that’s only possible with a professional, attentive crew.

Here are our top 6 reasons why chartering with a crew is the way to go for your next yachting vacation:

1) The Food

Food is a major component as to why chartering with a crew is such a game changer. First and foremost, the chefs on our yachts are all highly skilled and will serve you up inventive and delicious dishes for every meal. But beyond that, there’s so much more to think about when it comes to eating on a boat for a week or more as a group.

When you’re island-hopping, you can’t count on markets or grocery stores to be available where you dock/moor/anchor each evening. This means you need to provision your yacht in advance of your actual charter for the entirety of your charter. This requires a ton of planning. Our crews are experts at this; they know where to find everything on their lists, how to accommodate a variety of palates and dietary preferences, and how much food + drinks will actually be consumed over the course of a week.


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One other thing to keep in mind: few people truly enjoy cooking while on vacation, particularly as a daily responsibility. We see this happen to so many bare boaters who end up throwing out tons of food at the end of their charters because they ate out at restaurants way more than they anticipated.

2) Navigation

Even if you have plenty of boating experience elsewhere, learning the waters and conditions of a new locale can be stressful. We watch many bareboat charter vacations get ruined because people get in way over their heads. Whether it’s hitting an unexpected reef, crashing into a dock when the wind picks up, or accidentally slamming into another boat in a tight mooring field, there’s nothing that brings your holiday merriment to a halt faster.




Chartering with an experienced, licensed captain will ensure the safety of you, your group, and the boat, so your vacation can proceed without incident. Also, you’re free to imbibe as you please because there’s always a designated “driver” at the helm.

3) Local knowledge

Our crews live and work in the Virgin Islands for the majority of the year. They love their island home and especially enjoy showing their guests all of their favorite spots. Sure, you can research blogs and articles in advance of your trip, but nothing beats local knowledge. Our crews are here to show you the best beach bars, hikes, snorkeling/scuba spots, shops, natural wonders, and more.

4) Memory making

When traveling as a group, getting photos with everyone together is always a challenge. With a yacht crew, you’ve got built-in photographers who are happy to snap pics for you both on the boat and whenever you go ashore. Some of our crew are even experienced underwater photographers who can capture you making friends with the fishes.



5) Boat maintenance + cleaning

With boats, no matter how well they are maintained, it’s inevitable that sometimes things break. Do you really want to be responsible for unexpected repair work on your holiday? Our captains know their vessels in and out, and they have the skills + resources needed to fix almost any snafu without you even noticing.

Our crew will also keep the boat in ship shape throughout your entire charter – making beds, clearing dirty dishes, stowing away soggy beach towels, and tidying all the messes a group on a boat is capable of making.




6) Stress free family fun

Parents, in particular, find the crewed charter yacht experience revolutionary when it comes to family vacations. Taking kids on vacation can often feel like so much work for mom & dad that they end up feeling like they need another vacation after they get back home. Not so with a yacht crew at your fingertips.

A crewed yacht charter can feel like a true holiday for everyone – parents included! No thinking about what everyone’s going to eat, no cleaning up constantly after the kids, no planning out day after day of activities. Your crew will handle it all for you so you can both relax.

Overall, a crewed yacht charter is a far more luxurious experience. Put your feet up, and leave the work to our talented crew. Let us wine and dine you, show you around this incredible chain of islands, and curate a vacation you and your group will never forget.

If you have more questions about what a crew can do for you on yacht charter (or anything else), feel free to reach out to our yacht consultant – we’re always available to chat and help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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