A World of Beauty and Relaxation.

If you’re looking for a vacation filled with comfort and luxury, time with us on your private yacht in the beautiful Virgin Islands, Leeward and Windward Islands is exactly what you need. Being amongst the smiling, happy, rich Caribbean culture is pure joy.

Comfort & Luxury Rolled into One

When you’re looking for a vacation filled with comfort and luxury, time with us on a private yacht in the beautiful Virgin Islands is exactly where you should be.

From the moment you step aboard your floating home for the week, you will find yourself in a world like no other. The exceptional sailing performance, comfort, and amenities onboard when combined with the incredible aqua-blue waters and some of mother nature’s greatest works of art, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind environment.  The Virgin Islands are truly breathtaking and unique.

Within this one destination lies so many places for you to visit and explore.  No matter what your soul is searching for, we are sure to help you find it here.

Scroll through our destination descriptions and images below to experience some of the locations you can visit with &Beyond Yacht Charters.

View of a tropical island from the side deck of the Dolphin Daze catamaran yacht
A beach landscape with boulders in the Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands. The Ultimate Vacation.

The United States Virgin Islands are fantastic, often overlooked, a charter destination offering many personalities and destinations. Most known for St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John where the white sand beaches, lush rainforests, and aqua blue waters set the scene for your tropical bliss backdrop.

The worlds’ most beautiful beaches known for crystal sand and underwater magnificence.

Sip upon refreshing island-style cocktails, including the traditional and potent Rum Punch with fresh nutmeg, explore the old ruins of a sugar plantation or slip on your diving gear, and experience shipwrecks & vibrant underwater life.  Whatever you are looking to experience, you can find it amongst these islands and it’s wonderful people. For those of you dreaming of swimming alongside turtles…you will surely not be disappointed!

Your choices are truly endless and we will help you to create and enjoy those magical memories that will last you forever.

Explore St. Thomas

Explore St. John

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A bird flying over the ocean with a catamaran yacht in the background The blue waters of the US Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands. A Sailor's Paradise.

Known for years as “sailors paradise, discovering the beauty of the BVI is all about uncovering the unique character of each island in this unspoiled volcanic archipelago. Every place you drop anchor there lies a unique personality, with no island quite the same.  It’s unlike anywhere you have experienced before and is why sailors and tourists return again and again.

You simply have to see it all, to feel it all and then believe it all.

The beauty of discovering the islands by sea is the unique viewpoint you get from each bay, sneaking close to the beaches to drop your anchor in pristine waters and sandy ocean floor.

It’s so much more than a destination…it’s a journey of discovery, adventure, and coming home to yourself.  If you can bear to leave, you will surely leave a tiny piece of your soul to reunite with when you return.

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Aerial view of Peter Island, British Virgin Islands showing a catamaran sailing near a white sand beach View of White Bay Beach in the British Virgin Islands with a group of catamaran yachts anchored near a white sand beach

Spanish Virgin Islands. Small and Unique.

The Spanish Virgin Islands are the lesser-known portion of the Virgin Islands. Sitting between Puerto Rico and the USVI, these islands have more of a Spanish flavor and culture about them. It’s been said that to sail the Spanish Virgin Islands is to discover the BVI as it might have been over forty years ago.

In these islands you have access to pristine areas often unseen by tourists.

Untouched anchorages are to be found every few miles and are idyllic for snorkeling and relaxing.  There is a beautiful ambiance amongst these untouched jewels. Vieques is the largest of the islands and home to incredible beaches and also the famous Mosquito Bay with its bioluminescence, and the well-known village of Esperanza.

For those seeking something a little more off the beaten path, quiet, and serene, yet still as beautiful as their more infamous cousin, the BVI, then these are the islands to come sneak a peek at.

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Palm tree on a tropical beach in the Spanish Virgin Islands Beautiful sea in the Spanish Virgin Islands with sailing yacht and small island foreground

Leeward Islands. Culture and Charm.

We travel to the Leeward Islands between July 30th and August 15th and October 15th through November 1st each year.

The Leeward Islands are an amazing combination of Caribbean verve and low-key elegance mixed with European charm. Short but invigorating sails take you to some of the best, tranquil, white sandy beaches. These islands are for those who crave, pristine nature, lush rainforests, and relaxing charm.

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Winward Islands. Diversity and Tradition.

We travel to the Winward Islands between July 30th and August 15th, and October 15th through November 1st each year

Many of the islands and cays are uninhabited, so there is a good chance you could have an island all to yourself. You will enjoy the laid-back feel of these islands, the magical beauty, the gorgeous beaches, and the genuine interaction with the local culture. It’s the true Caribbean.

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