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However you define it, great food, great company, great accommodations, or simply an amazing experience. It’s all yours.

Beyond your expectations

We know that your time with us is precious, for a minimum stay of 4 nights, and has been highly anticipated for many weeks, if not months. It’s a valuable time away from ‘normal’ day-to-day life, a time to totally relax and soak up the beauty of your surroundings while spending special time with loved ones. It’s a chance to kick off shoes, shirts, and ties, and leave stresses and anxieties behind as you sail away into the blues of the Caribbean waters! We know how to provide the perfect amount of attention, whilst enabling absolute relaxation without being overbearing. We know how to be seen and not heard when you need us, and we know how to get involved when it’s time to amp up the experiences you want to invest in.

Memories you will keep for a lifetime.


Fine Food & Exotic Cocktails

The culinary experience is like nothing else onboard one of our luxury yachts.

Our chefs will tailor their exquisite menus to accommodate your dietary restrictions. All meals are prepared, seasoned, and served with great care, attention to detail, and love.

Our chefs are extremely proud of their art of decoration and beautifully crafted plating. It will leave you wondering just how they do it’ in the confines of their environment.

Rest assured that on your &Beyond Yacht Charters vacation, we have the beverages covered with style and flair! Our cocktails are creative and classy and can be fun and frivolous too. We offer all the classics and of course the favorites from our local area. Each yacht has a stocked bar for your enjoyment any time you wish. Service is our passion and we will always be on hand to serve your drink of choice.

This really is the ultimate all-inclusive vacation.

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Our Crew

We are extremely proud of our exemplary crew. Selected, based on their qualifications and commitment to their careers as professional captains and chefs.

It is of paramount importance to our entire team to provide an experience that has a profound and positive impact on our guests. We encourage each of our crewman’s unique self-expression and individual personalities.

We offer our crew a range of continuing education opportunities including local history, fauna and flora, marine life and its delicate reef systems, the constellations of our star-studded skies to elegant table settings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and electronic systems to ensure they are the expert hosts you will indeed rely upon.

We believe in an extremely high work ethic supporting the growth and empowerment of our crew and recognize each as a valued member of the &Beyond Yacht Charters family.

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Fun Activities

A vacation in the Virgin Islands wouldn’t be complete without some exciting and fun activities during your week-long stay, to offset the amazing sun-soaked relaxing vibes!

With so much to explore above & below the waves, in and around the islands, and on all those amazing sandy shores, just know we have you covered to experience those unforgettable moments.

Simply leave the details and plan to your crew! They know the islands inside and out and will tailor your trip to be unique to you.

You can partake in as little or as much as your heart desires.

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What's Onboard

It just wouldn’t be right to experience your own private yacht in the midst of the Virgin Islands and not be equipped for both safety and fun. You’ll find each of our yachts fully equipped with snorkel gear, paddleboards, kayaks, fishing gear, floating docks, and all the extras you will need, to ensure your experience in the water is just as great as your experience on the water.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to our highly trained and skilled crew. If you have any concerns at all, please be sure to have a chat with us.  We know that for many of our guests, there is an element of the unknown in taking a vacation like this. Our aim is that you will always feel safe and be safe at all times.

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Looking for a Combination of Land and Sea on Your Travels?

&Beyond Yacht Charters has a partnership with Oil Nut Bay in British Virgin Islands to offer a Stay & Sail adventure. Guests may enjoy 3 to 4 nights on one of our private yachts and 3 to 4 nights at the resort. A great solution if you are flying in the day before your yacht travels, or just looking for a combined experience during your trip.

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Stay and Sail - And Beyond Charters

Arriving in St. Thomas

Flying into St. Thomas as a guest of &Beyond Yacht Charters is simple and hassle-free. You will land in the Cyril E. King Airport located two miles west of the central business district of Charlotte Amalie on the island of St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands.

We will be there to greet you as you exit the terminals with large signs so you don’t miss us! You will travel from the airport to the marina in our private tax cab with our private driver. It’s a short ten-minute drive to the marina, and once you arrive, your crew and refreshments will be waiting.

It is our goal to make your entire trip an experience to remember. From the time you step off the plane in St. Thomas to the time you travel home.

There is no passport required to travel to St. Thomas; we are indeed part of the United States.

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V.I. Departments of Tourism

For your convenience, we’ve included links to the United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism and to the British Virgin Islands Department of Tourism. Here you will find more information on travel tips, conversion rates, shopping, and more information on St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John—our three most popular islands.

If you are traveling for any specific occasions, you can also find information on family travel, romantic getaways, business trips, and even a girls’ getaway.

U.S.V.I. Department of Tourism

B.V.I. Department of Tourism
Virgin Islands scenery of trees, white sand beaches, and clear blue waters