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Know Everything About Our Yacht Management Program

Committed to transparency and professionalism, to ensure your peace of mind when placing your yacht into commercial charter operations with &Beyond Yacht Charters.

Transparency and Professionalism is a Constant

Our yacht management program and charter clearing house services are directed at yacht owners who want to place their vessel into commercial charter with a well-established and professional yacht management company. We are unique in how we handle our business, from crew to guests to yacht owner partnerships. With our dedicated team, we take the utmost pride in building relationships of trust and respect with all of our stakeholders.

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Yacht Management Perfected

Transparency with every detail of your yacht’s charter business, including financials, is important to us, and we handle it safely and efficiently. Collin Steyn, our CEO, is an experienced certified public accountant (CPA) and yacht captain who has years of experience not only managing yacht charters but in running them. We utilize a cloud-based accounting system, with a unique chart of accounts for every yacht we manage. We provide our owners with login access to their individual yachts accounting system allowing them real-time access to the details of all financial transactions in respect of their vessels. Our professional yacht management team will take the planning off of your shoulders. All you need to do is let us take care of the details, while you enjoy and create those special, lasting memories.

Our magical ingredient being that we take the planning off of your shoulders. All you need to do is let us take care of the details, while you enjoy and create those special, lasting memories.”

All Transactions are Handled with Honesty and Integrity

Our yacht charter funds are maintained and managed in yacht-specific, unique, bank accounts. All &Beyond Yacht Charter Captains are required to maintain their assigned yacht’s detailed maintenance, repair, and ship logs in our online fleet management platform. This system, as with our accounting system, is accessible to our yacht owners providing transparent visibility of the care and use of their vessels. Our model is based on charging owners’ fees for services rendered. We do not generate income through marking up expenses incurred on the yachts we manage.  Formal monthly business and operational review meetings are scheduled with our yacht owners to discuss sales, charter performance, yacht issues, and expenditures. We provide a detailed report pack each month to support these discussions. 
Big Nauti catamaran yacht sailing in a bay in the USVI

Professionalism and experience are key attributes of the &Beyond Yacht Charters team.

Professionalism and experience are key attributes of the &Beyond Yacht Charters team. Collin Steyn previously held the position of CEO for a commercial vehicle full maintenance leasing business of 2,000 vehicles. Through that experience, he learned the importance of maintaining detailed maintenance, repair, and usage data, for assets under management. This learning was further reinforced during his two years as Captain on a crewed charter yacht in the Virgin Islands.
Corinne Steyn brings her years of interior decorating, event planning, and catering experience to our execution. She ensures that our yachts are perfectly appointed and decorated and that our crews present excellent experience-rich charters.
Simon Carey, our COO, is an expert sailor having sailed his own yacht across the Atlantic multiple times. He ran his own charter fleet in Greece for five years, then moved on to head up operations in the Windward and Leeward islands for the largest bareboat charter company in the world for ten years.

Chartering as a Business

We search for, select, and engage professional Captains and Chefs on every yacht we manage. Our management team develops, coaches, and supports our crews to ensure they deliver the highest level of experiential charter execution in the market.
Impacting people’s lives is at the core of our business—reconnecting our guests with nature and with family members, or friends who charter with them, is our absolute goal.
Our typical investor owner places their yacht with &Beyond Yacht Charters for the vessel to be operated commercially in the crewed charter industry for gain, and a reasonable number of owners use weeks per season.

High-Level of Standards and Service

We require our crews to not only deliver a high level of cuisine and bar service on every luxury yachting charter, including plated meals, decorated table settings, and intricate cocktails but to also have a high level of knowledge of the cruising grounds we operate in, both land and sea. We have a dedicated in-house sales consultant responsible for booking charters on our managed yachts, making that experience a personal one, down to charter activities and specific tastes. No one knows our crews better than we do, and this gives us a strategic advantage in the luxury yachting charter industry.

Choosing the Perfect Charter Catamaran: A Comprehensive Guide

It is crucial for any investor considering purchasing a charter catamaran to understand as much about this business as possible, not the least of which being vessel selection, as well as how she should be equipped. Getting this right will make an enormous difference in the business outcome for the vessel.  

Quality Boutique Management Service

We deploy a hands-on approach to yacht management to ensure our owner’s peace of mind in respect of our care of their precious assets.

Small Details are a Big Deal

We pay attention to the small things because they make a big difference in the experience of our guests, our yacht owners, brokers, and charter consultants.

At &Beyond Yacht Charters we believe that “limited fleet size equals quality.” That’s why we restrict our fleet size to what our management team can comfortably keep their arms around.

Facilitated Exit Strategy and Management

We believe in nurturing a solid relationship with our yacht owners. Our annually renewable management agreements include a 30-day notice period, no strings attached. If things are not working out the way the yacht owner would like, we simply part ways without lengthy delays.
We do not limit owners’ weeks on their yachts. However, we do recognize that the fewer commercial charters we run the lower the return on investment to the owner. Our crews typically operate the yacht during owner use weeks; arrangements can be made for the crew to step aside if the owners wish to operate their yachts themselves.

A Network of Trust

Our business is a boutique charter management solution based on building and nurturing quality relationships: with owners, with charter guests, and with our crews primarily but also during the process with yacht sales executives, our engineers, our insurance partners, and all of our vendors.