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With the beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise water, amazing culture, and endless opportunities for exploration we know you will make memories that last a lifetime.

A Destination That Won't Disappoint

The US Virgin Islands have been a United States territory since 1917. Its luscious beaches, white sands, and multiple islands to explore make it a popular destination vacation for many folks across the globe. It has three primary islands, St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix–but there are 50 little islands, cays, and islets surrounding the US Virgin Islands territory.

The weather, on average, is always a “beach perfect” paradise which has earned it the nickname American Paradise and made it a tourist destination that is visited all year round with no obvious off-season.

You can spend the day sunbathing, swimming, or relaxing in a beach chair or hammock at one of the islands’ beaches that are consistently ranked among the top 10 in the world. Or, if you prefer to enjoy the culture, there is plenty of food, shopping, and entertainment on the island.

Water activities are some of the favorites and the islands are not short of any, from diving, deep-sea fishing, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding to windsurfing and jet skiing. With more than 500 species of the sea, 40 types of coral, and hundreds of creatures inhabiting the sea there is much to do and always something to see on a US Virgin Islands vacation. You won’t be disappointed.

Ready to Visit the Islands?

The US Virgin Islands (USVI) are US Territories. This includes St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, and Water Island. However, if you want to sail to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) you will need a passport in hand.

Travel requirements to the Virgin Islands related to COVID-19 vary depending on if you are fully vaccinated or not vaccinated. For COVID-19 travel updates, restrictions, and policies, visit the Virgin Islands Department of Health website.

Exterior of the Cyril E. King Airport in St. Thomas, USVI

How to Travel to the US Virgin Islands

Most of the major airlines offer service to the Virgin Islands—both direct and connecting depending on where you are traveling from. St. Thomas and St. Croix are the only islands that have an airport and offer flights from the US. To travel to St. John, you can ferry from St. Thomas, or take a yacht or catamaran. Here is a list of the airlines that provide service to the US Virgin Islands:

American Airlines: offers non-stop and connecting service to St. Thomas and St. Croix.

Delta Airlines: offers connecting service to St. Thomas.

United Airlines: offers connecting service to St. Thomas.

To see a full list of flight options, visit the Cyril E. King Airport located in St. Thomas Virgin Islands through the link below, or click here to visit the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport located in St. Croix Virgin Islands. 

Cyril E. King Airport

When Should you visit the US Virgin Islands?

The best months to visit the US Virgin Islands are December through May during the dry, cooler months. The dryest time of year with mild weather and very little rainfall between April and June. The evenings during this time period are cooler and average between 78 and 85 degrees.

Sixty percent of tourists visit the US Virgin Islands between December and May so this is considered peak season, while the peak tourist month is March during school breaks. Although there are tourists visiting the US Virgin Islands year-round.

July through September start to gain higher average temperatures on the islands, and hurricane season is at its peak in September and October with the rainy season falling September through November.

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What is the Cost of Visiting the US Virgin Islands?

The average tourist spends approximately $75 a day in the US Virgin Islands on food, while a night in a hotel or a resort can range from $200 to $1,200 a night depending on where you stay. These costs do not include flights, activities, and spending cash. So based on food and stay, your trip could range from $2,100 per person for a seven-day trip to as high as $9,100 per person for a seven-day trip.

If you travel with &Beyond Yacht Charters a private yacht charter ranges from $259 to $615 per person per night and you gain your own private chef and activities! To stay on a private yacht catamaran with &Beyond Yacht Charters, view our pricing and availability per yacht on our Yacht’s page.

Explore the Yachts

Explore One Island or Many

The great thing about the US Virgin Islands is there are many islands to explore, even beyond the three most famous islands of St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. By traveling via a private yacht charter, you can go where you want when you want–the islands are yours to explore.

St. Thomas

Visit the USA describes St. Thomas as a modern paradise filled with colonial jewels, St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands is both a historian’s and an adventure seeker’s playground.

The island has a lot to offer with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, amazing dining, and plenty of entertainment and shopping. Whether you’re a morning bird or someone who enjoys the nightlife, you will find plenty to keep you busy in St. Thomas.

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St. Croix

White sand, turquoise waters, and sunny days across three dozen beaches with a full range of activities create a paradise you won’t want to leave.

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St. John

The beaches are breathtaking and don’t fall short of what you expect to see in the US Virgin Islands. There are areas where the waters are calm and shallow to satisfy families with young kids, and other areas where the waters are deeper to accommodate those looking for more activities and adventures.
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Water Island

Water Island is a small residential island that is the smallest of the four US Virgin Islands with only 500 acres of property. It’s also the youngest as it was transferred to the local government in December of 1996.

Water Island boasts plenty of beaches and shorelines and also accommodates kayaking, fishing or boating if you prefer the sea, and hiking and biking if you prefer the land.

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What is the Experience in the US Virgin Islands?

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