&Beyond Yacht Charters. All-Inclusive Crewed Yachts Charters


& Beyond Yacht & Charters is a manned boat rental firm with an all-inclusive service at sea.

Based in the US Virgin Islands, their yachts tour several of the most impressive islands and destinations in the Caribbean. Each trip can be completely and meticulously personalized according to the number of guests, the dates and the preferences regarding the boat. Each yacht is unique, singular and different. The & Beyond team looks for the best option according to the requirements of the passengers.

& Beyond has dedicated staff in land offices in St. Thomas and the continental United States who work hard to support yacht owners, crew, yachts, charter consultants and the travel agent community. No matter what their role is, each one is essential to the bigger picture of & Beyond Yacht Charters.


It’s all part of the journey

Taking care of those who sail with & Beyond with an exceptional service in all aspects of their vacations is a pride and an absolute pleasure for each of the people who are part of this company. & Beyond has a professional crew that is attentive to every detail, preparing a personalized menu, a wide variety of water sports and shore excursions, and the flexibility to plan each day as the client wishes. Each of the people who are part of the company makes sure to carry out all the planning so that customers enjoy while creating indelible memories.


Virgin Islands

This archipelago is known as “Nature’s Little Secrets” since it is a group of approximately 90 small islands, islets, cays and giant rocks, formed in the West Indies, in the Caribbean. These islands offer some of the most beautiful postcards in the region, and when discovered by sea, they are even more magical. The best known are St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John, but each island has its own charm and a wide variety of activities. Whether it’s diving, looking for history or relaxing on the beach, every day on board is a new discovery.


Vision and commitment

& Beyond’s success is based on the collective strength and vision of deeply committed people, all passionate about these islands, the ocean, their marine life and ecosystems. Linked by a common purpose of protecting and preserving the last remaining wilderness areas in the world.

On each yacht, the crew lives and works surrounded by nature, away from the usual challenges associated with life today. The perks of being on the ocean include life-changing opportunities to interact with an extraordinary variety of guests hailing from all over the United States of America, Europe, and South America.