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A Luxurious Journey from Yacht Haven Grande to Maho Bay

Step aboard in Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas at 12pm. Guests are always welcomed with cocktails and a light lunch or appetizer. Once guests have settled in and luggage has been stowed, a safety briefing will been given. We will then cruise from St. Thomas to St. John. The first stop is stunning Maho bay on St. John with its multiple white sand beaches. Water sports toys will be in the water and sundown cocktails prepared. While the guests wait for their first high-end dining experience provided by the crew, they can swim, snorkel, and bask in the golden hour sunset from the comfort of their luxury yacht, the water, or the nearby beaches. A large number of friendly green sea turtles live in this bay and make for an amazing first snorkeling experience.

Maho Bay

Nestled in St. John, USVI, this serene coastal haven invites tranquility with its crystal-clear waters gently lapping against soft white sands, offering a picturesque tropical escape.
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From Maho to Norman, A Day of Island Wonders

Breakfast will be served in Maho where guests can observe the quiet early morning calm and breathtaking turquoise water. Guests can get the days adventure rolling with an early morning stand up paddle or snorkel! From Maho bay we cruise to West End Tortola to check into customs. A mid-morning swim and snorkel at the Indians is a perfect way to further the exploration of the Islands. The Indians are considered to be one of the best snorkels in the Virgin Islands archipelago. Like jumping into an aquarium, the sea life and colorful vibrant reefs present here make it one of the treasures of the Caribbean. For lunch we move just next door to Norman Island, the inspiration for Robert louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”. Norman Island is home to a rich history of piracy, privateering, European exploration, and colonialism, including being a stopping place for legendary pirate William Teach AKA Black Beard. After lunch, guests will get to revel in the spirit of Teach’s legacy as they head to the world-famous Willy T’s floating pirate bar. Drink rum with the salty crew of Willy T’s or even jump into the water from the upper decks! Afternoon drinks can be enjoyed on the beach before dinner is served. After dinner guests always have the option for a quiet night of stargazing and conversation or to kick it up a notch with some music and dancing!


The floating bar in the British Virgin Islands offers a unique experience on a anchored schooner in crystal-clear Caribbean waters. Patrons enjoy a lively atmosphere, refreshing drinks, and delicious food against the backdrop of stunning ocean views.
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Exploring Virgin Gorda and The Baths

To start the day, we will have an early morning sail from Norman Island to the lovely, world famous Baths of Virgin Gorda. The ancient formations hewn out of the rocks by eons of water movement calls to mind the timeless of this special place. Breakfast will be served as guests can take in the scenery unlike anywhere in the world. After breakfast a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of the beach for a hike and exploration of the rare batholith rocks. After exploring The Baths guests can enjoy the quiet wonder of a vessel travelling under sail as we make our way to the protected anchorages and island-based night life options of Virgin Gorda’s North Sound including the luxurious Oil Nut Bay, the all-new Saba Rock, and The Bitter End. For younger guests and children, the famous Michael Bean show at Leverick Bay Marina is always a fan favorite.


Indulge in enchanting nights in the British Virgin Islands with beachfront dinners, live music, and handcrafted cocktails under the stars, all amidst the tranquil beauty of the Caribbean night.


Dine-in at our open-air restaurant amid the ocean breeze, sounds of nature and a killer Caribbean view. Serving daily lunch and dinner specials, signature cocktails, bar bites, small plates and fresh sushi, making our little oasis a must-stop for any appetite.


Bitter End’s diverse collection of restaurants and our sea-to-table culinary philosophy attract visitors from all over the Caribbean. We’re also home to the North Sound’s oldest watering hole and a sunken ship which has turned into the coolest beach bar in the Caribbean.
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Anegada Getaway. Sailing, Sand, and Sunset Vibes

In the morning we will set sail to Anegada! Widely considered the best sail of any charter to the Virgin Islands. A consistent beam reach and a reasonable travel distance (about 2 hours) makes for one of the best answers to the question of why to charter a sailing vessel. We will have breakfast underway so we can have as much time to spend exploring and experiencing the charm of Anegada. Upon arrival in Anegada we recommend guests rent “Mokes” which are a cross between jeeps and golf carts. The Mokes are the best way to explore and visit the many beaches and bars located along the coast of Anegada, and why not do so in style! Anegada is consistently a guest favorite. Built up almost entirely of sand bar it is entirely surrounded by reef making for a truly authentic Caribbean experience on shore. Along with the rare landscapes and a local population of flamingos, you’ll find some of the most eclectic bars the Virgin Islands have to offer! From luxury cabanas at the Anegada Beach Club to the self-serve of Cow Wreck you’re sure for some fun, sun, sand, and a drink in your hand! Being the home of the famous Anegada lobster we strongly recommend guests go ashore for dinner and try this delicacy done right. Afterwards, guests can then move over to Potters by the Sea for some music, dancing, and limbo!


Experience lively nights on the shores of the BVI, where guests can enjoy live music, dancing, and limbo, creating unforgettable evenings by the Caribbean shore.
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Yachting Through Jost Van Dyke

After breakfast on Anegada we will head to the world-famous Soggy Dollar bar on Jost Van Dyke. Your troubles will seem worlds away when you take your first sip of a soggy dollar painkiller and look upon the crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches of JVD. Enjoy the company of the many visitors to this famous spot and even have friends and family back home buy you a drink via their live streaming video channel. Sun, fun, and games are the mainstay of a day on Jost Van Dyke. Later that afternoon we’ll move to the protection of Great Harbour where after dinner, guests can keep the night alive at Foxy’s Tamarind Bar if they so choose.


Embrace Caribbean magic at Foxy’s. Legendary for live music, delicious cuisine, and vibrant island vibes. Join us for an unforgettable celebration.
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Sun-soaked Adventures and Vibrant Nights in St. John and Cruz Bay

After breakfast we’ll head to Caneel Bay to check back in to the USVI. Directly adjacent to one of the most colorful and authentic small towns in the USVI, Cruz Bay. Caneel offers stunning examples of St. John Beaches, shining Caribbean waters, daytime snorkeling, and water sports opportunities from your vessel. A dinghy ride to Cruz Bay offers fantastic shopping, beach bars, and a short ride to one of the most memorable look-off vistas on the islands, The Windmill Bar. Avail yourself of the fabulous nightlife of Cruz Bay completely with your choice of live music with your feet in the sand, fabulous restaurants, or high-end cocktail bars.


Nestled in Cruz Bay, USVI, this scenic lookout offers breathtaking views that perfectly complement the lively atmosphere of beach bars and vibrant shopping for an authentic Caribbean experience.
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Water Island, USVI's Hidden Paradise

After breakfast we will head over to Water Island! Once we anchor in Water Island, we will have lunch on board and then head to the beach. Water Island is considered one of the best kept local secrets of the USVI, sure to provide a fun filled afternoon with beach volleyball, beach tennis, and the opportunity to take a tour of the little island on private golf carts! Along with the many activities provided, a local beach bar will surely melt your troubles away with the first sip of the Water Island specialty, paddle-whackers.


Nestled on the pristine shores of Water Island, Dquickly became a beloved hotspot for locals and tourists alike. With its laid-back atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and an impressive array of tropical libations, it wasn’t long before it became a cherished destination for those seeking relaxation and memorable moments by the sea.
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Farewell from Yacht Haven Grande

After Breakfast we will move from Water Island back to the award winning, world-class marina of Yacht Haven Grande and say our goodbyes at 12:00 p.m. If guests have time before their flights out of the USVI, they can avail themselves of the many amenities of the marina grounds, including restaurants, shopping, pool, volley ball, and tennis courts.

Fun Activities

A vacation in the Virgin Islands wouldn’t be complete without some exciting and fun activities during your week-long stay, to offset the amazing sun-soaked relaxing vibes!

With so much to explore above & below the waves, in and around the islands, and on all those amazing sandy shores, just know we have you covered to experience those unforgettable moments.

Simply leave the details and plan to your crew! They know the islands inside and out and will tailor your trip to be unique to you.

You can partake in as little or as much as your heart desires.

Fine Food & Exotic Cocktails

The culinary experience is like nothing else onboard one of our luxury yachts.

Our chefs will tailor their exquisite menus to accommodate your dietary restrictions. All meals are prepared, seasoned, and served with great care, attention to detail, and love.

Our chefs are extremely proud of their art of decoration and beautifully crafted plating. It will leave you wondering just how they do it’ in the confines of their environment.

Rest assured that on your &Beyond Yacht Charters vacation, we have the beverages covered with style and flair! Our cocktails are creative and classy and can be fun and frivolous too. We offer all the classics and of course the favorites from our local area. Each yacht has a stocked bar for your enjoyment any time you wish. Service is our passion and we will always be on hand to serve your drink of choice.

This really is the ultimate all-inclusive vacation.

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