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Stay & Sail: the experience of combining our stay on land and at sea

In a destination in which nature is the great protagonist, where vegetation and tropical trails are combined with movie-like seascapes, how can we enjoy both scenarios to the fullest during our trip? Or rather, why choose just one? Discovering the United States Virgin Islands from the comfort of a private yacht, navigating the most precious corners, combined with a stay at a luxury resort, is possible. The private crewed yacht firm & Beyond Yacht Charters and Lovango Resort came together to create this unique experience with their “Stay & Sail” program, offering the possibility of enjoying a stay on land and at sea in one of the most precious destinations in the Caribbean Sea: The United States Virgin Islands.

Stay: Just ten minutes from the coast of St. John and surrounded by the purest nature is Lovango Resort + Beach Club, the first modern construction resort in the US Virgin Islands. Rooms with views of paradise, private luxury villas in the “tree house” style, shopping center, spa, restaurant and an exclusive beach club are part of this ideal hotel for a few days of true relaxation on the islands. Guests can relax in its facilities with all the comforts, explore virgin landscapes and trails with stunning views, dine in front of the sea, relax in an infinity pool on its terrace. Then, they have the chance to have an onboard experience during their stay by chartering a private yacht directly from the island with & Beyond Yacht Charters.

Sail: A fleet of more than 20 yachts fully equipped and crewed by professionals are part of the experience offered by & Beyond Yacht Charters, in which a fully customized trip is possible. Before the trip, the &Beyond Yacht Charters team conducts an interview with prospective guests to create a personalized itinerary, from the gastronomic menu to their tours and activities. Water sports, yoga, walks, rest, dinner at sunset, spots to take pictures, everything will be designed based on your interests and preferences. All crew members are seasoned professionals and receive continuing education from & Beyond Yacht Charters, ensuring they provide the best in service and hospitality to guests. In turn, their love for the history of the Virgin Islands, the fauna and flora, marine life and its preserved areas allows the crew members to share the most precious corners with their guests.


Whether guests are looking for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or just kicking back and relaxing, the Virgin Islands is the perfect location. If you are also interested in experiencing the freedom of your own private yacht with a captain and a chef, but also the feeling of a private resort with the first beach club on the island, it is possible with this program. The first step is to contact a vacation advisor from &Beyond Yacht Charters and from there, the dream trip can be created. The Stay & Sail program includes 3-5 nights on a private yacht in St. Thomas, USVI, and 3-5 nights at Lovango Resort and Beach Club located off the coast of St. John, USVI. A different experience to enjoy one of the most precious destinations in the Caribbean Sea.