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5 Must See Dive Sites on your BVI Yacht Charter

Do you love to SCUBA dive, or are you looking to learn? The British Virgin Islands are one of the premier dive vacation destinations in the world, and our charter yachts are not only equipped with well-maintained, modern dive gear, but many are also crewed by certified Divemasters.

Here are our top 5 favorite dive sites we’d love to take you to on your next BVI yacht charter vacation with us:

1.The Old Willy T, Peter Island – The previous version of the Willy T – the iconic floating pirate ship + bar off Norman Island – was destroyed in Hurricane Irma in 2017 and is now a cool piece of underwater reef art that you can dive. Look out for the skeleton pirates!

2.The RMS Rhone, Salt Island – This iconic wreck is probably the most popular dive site in the BVI. The wreck itself is enormous, covered with corals, and hosts thriving schools of fish and marine life. It was also the set of the 1977 film, “The Deep.”


3.The Indians, Norman Island – These rocky pinnacles have so much to see just below the surface. Not only is it an awesome shallow water dive site, it’s also a suitable spot for any snorkelers in your group to enjoy if they don’t wish to dive alongside you. There is also a really cool underwater “swim through” to explore!

4.The Chimney, Great Dog Island – Two huge rock formations come together to create a space that looks just like a chimney. The canyons and ridges of this healthy dive site make it easy to see why this is famously referred to as one of Jacques Cousteau’s favorite BVI dive locations.

5.Ginger Steps, Ginger Island – The natural ledges here are what makes this dive site particularly unique. This site tends to have amazing visibility year round and you never know what array of marine animals you’ll see passing through here.


These are just a few of the MANY incredible places to go diving in the BVI. Depending on your dive experience and comfort level, your crew will take you to the sites you’ll enjoy most.

6 Reasons Why an Adventure Yacht Charter is the Perfect Family Vacation

When it comes to family vacations, sometimes it can be hard to know how to go about choosing something that will please everyone. An adventure yacht charter is the solution you’re looking for! Here’s why an adventure yacht charter is the perfect family vacation:

1.All of the adventure planning is off your plate. You only need to show up. Simply tell us what appeals to you and your family – hiking, snorkeling, tubing, etc. – and your crew will personalize an itinerary for each day that’s sure to delight everyone. No decisions, no debating, just fun.

2.All adventures have a built-in safety guide – your crew. Our highly trained crews will accompany you and your family on all of your adventures, not only to ensure everyone’s safety, but to also share their expertise on the local flora, fauna, history, and culture.

3.There are always alternate options if the chosen adventure doesn’t appeal to everyone. Let’s say 3 out of 5 members of your family want to go scuba diving, but 2 aren’t certified. Your captain can choose a dive spot that also has amazing snorkeling, so those 2 family members can float on rafts or snorkel nearby while the others go diving.



4.There is zero cooking or post-adventure clean-up required. Chartering a yacht with a full service crew means that when you’re done adventuring for the day, you get to just relax. Your crew will take care of everything from sandy shoes to bringing you a sunset cocktail while the chef prepares dinner for your family.

5.You’ve got picture-takers at the ready to help capture the memories you’re making. With a fully crewed yacht, there’s always someone on hand to take the camera and snap the adventure-in-progress, so you can enjoy remembering it for decades to come (and no one is left out of the pictures!).

6.Paradise is a destination that makes everyone happy. The Virgin Islands are stunning, both above and below the water. White sand, sunshine, and warm, clear seas delight visitors of all ages.


We look forward to taking you and your family on your next big adventure!