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Some people say any getaway is romantic if you’re with the right person. That might be true, but your surroundings and the atmosphere you’re in can definitely add to the glamour. At &Beyond Yacht Charters, we believe the exclusivity of our private yachts combined with a private chef and captain amidst the most beautiful waters and islands in the world creates the optimal romantic getaway for you and your significant other.

Dive Into The Experience

All of our vacations are fully customizable to the number of guests, dates, and yacht preferences.

Whether you’ve visited us before or this is your first trip, we like to add a personal touch to ensure all of the details are taken care of just the way you want them.

Once you’re ready, click the Plan Your Trip button below, provide us a few tidbits of information on your travel plans, and schedule a time with our &Beyond Charter Consultant. We can’t wait to meet you!

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A woman reading a book while a man lays down with his head in her lap on the deck of a yacht

Your Oasis Awaits.

Our beautiful fleet offers you an extensive variety of luxurious, comfortable, well-managed & impeccably maintained yachts.

Our yachts can accommodate 2 to 12 people, so cozy or expansive is up to you. Your private getaway could never be more private and more luxurious—with a fleet of yachts to choose from each with its own private Captain and Chef and all of the activities you’ll want onboard, what you do with your time is up to you. You can explore island after island or simply stay put and enjoy life’s extras at your fingertips.

Stay inside and enjoy dinner just the two of you, or venture out and have a romantic dinner on the shoreline or breakfast in a local café. How you experience your getaway is up to you—every day is yours to cherish and enjoy.

Oh, the places you’ll see!

The Virgin Islands are known as “Nature’s Little Secrets.” A group of 90 or so small islands, islets, cays & giant boulders, formed in the West Indies, Caribbean. Together, these islands offer the most beautiful of vacation spots, and when discovering them by sea they are all the more magical.

On a personalized sailing vacation with us, you are guaranteed to lose yourself in the vacation of a lifetime, where no request is too small and the hardest decision you will make is what you choose to wear each day.

The Fun is Provided. Literally.

A vacation in the Virgin Islands, wouldn’t be complete without some exciting and fun activities, to offset the amazing sun-soaked relaxing vibes!

With so much to explore above & below the waves, in and around the islands, and on all those amazing sandy shores, just know we have you covered to experience those unforgettable moments.

Just leave the details and plan to your crew! They know the islands inside and out and will tailor your trip to be unique to you and your requirements.

You can partake in as little or as much as your heart desires.

Your Romantic Getaway Awaits.

Ready to book or have more questions? Click the Plan Your Trip button to schedule a time with our Charter Consultants to get started with travels or reach out to an &Beyond Yacht Charter Crew Member through email or phone.

Plan Your Trip Talk With Our Vacation Consultant

Why Choose Charter Over a Resort?

There are really several reasons.

A vacation on a private yacht guarantees exclusivity.  There are no additional guests in the elevators, and no noise other than what you create. In fact, there are no elevators.

 With your own private chef, your meals are inclusive, there are no strangers next to you as you eat breakfast. It’s just you and the morning, outside or inside, late or early, it’s up to you. It’s boutique, luxurious and it’s private.

There are plenty of water activities on board so you can enjoy the magnificent waters soaking, floating, or making waves.

Where and how much you travel is completely up to you. Want to visit a new destination every day? Great! Don’t pack up the bags they will simply float along with us as we sail through the beautiful Virgin Islands to the next destination.

A private yacht vacation with &Beyond Yacht Charters is truly the most exclusive, relaxing and unintrusive vacation you can give your family.

We hope to see you aboard soon!

Yacht Charters for Romantic Getaways

Looking for a special romantic getaway in the Virgin Islands? It doesn't get much better than an all-inclusive private yacht vacation. We've showcases three of our most popular yacht charters for romantic getaways below. Three Sisters Catamaran, Hero's Journey Catamaran, and Eddies in Time Catamaran offer an exquisite, cozy and comfortable private yacht experience without sparing any extras.

Three Sisters Yacht Charter

Three Sisters Maestro version has 2 guest cabins. An entire hull is dedicated to the master suite with a large ensuite bathroom and dressing area adding additional comfort. It has generous exterior and interior living spaces flooded by natural light. It is an ideal catamaran for small families and those intimate special occasion celebrations – honeymoon, anniversary, vow renewal, romantic getaway.

Whether you prefer to relax in the cockpit on the ample seating and lounging areas, or enjoy the salon inside, sunbath on the foredeck area, or enjoy sailing with panoramic views on the coach roof, all this is possible on 3 Sisters.

It is the perfect floating apartment for your vacation in the Caribbean.

Explore Three Sisters Catamaran
Foredeck seating aboard the 3 Sisters private yacht
The salon seating area aboard the 3 Sisters yacht
The patio lounge aboard the 3 Sisters private catamaran charter with a dining table and ample seating
A bed in a sleeping cabin aboard the 3 Sisters yacht, part of the And Beyond Yacht Charters fleet

Eddies in Time Yacht Charter

The decadent owner’s cabin provides a spacious en-suite bathroom with a large shower, and separate toilet. The port hull features a light and airy queen cabin with an ensuite bathroom. There is an additional small adult berth in the fore-peak with separate access.

The huge salon, galley, and cockpit flow together effortlessly for gracious entertaining with the sky lounge just steps away from the helm and cockpit for easy socializing.

As flowing water can be captured in a whirlpool or eddy, so can time. Escape into a world where time stands still and everyday demands cease to exist–an eddy in time.

Explore Eddies in Time Catamaran
Exterior of the Eddies in Time yacht anchored near an island shore in the British Virgin Islands
The galley of the Eddies in Time yacht, part of the And Beyond Yacht Charters fleet
A bed inside a sleeping cabin aboard the Eddies in Time yacht, part of the &Beyond Yacht Charters fleet

Hero's Journey Yacht Charter

Come aboard and immerse yourself in this stylish, modern, and elegant yacht. You’re going to feel as relaxed on board as you do at home. With her spacious salon providing panoramic views, amazingly large guest cabins with large hatches, and the relaxation areas on the bow of the yacht and the sky lounge, you’ll get to enjoy all delights of the sea. She has a large opening window between her salon and foredeck to provide wonderful ventilation through the yacht at all times.

On Hero’s Journey yacht, her entire port hull is configured as a master suite with a beautiful spacious ensuite bathroom and separate toilet.

Explore Hero's Journey Catamaran
Hero's Journey luxury yacht sailing in bright blue water with other yachts in the background