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Family holidays on board: a proposal for true enjoyment and relaxation

Published in Magazine Travel on May 11, 2022, in Colombia

Wake up on board a private yacht as a family, with our favourite breakfast ready and with a day ahead of us to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. That’s how attractive &Beyond Yacht Charters’ personalised proposal is to live a holiday of adventure and true relaxation in a privileged natural environment.

Knowing the challenges that family trips imply and valuing quality time, with its crewed yachts “exclusive, all inclusive” service &Beyond Yacht Charters creates the ideal personalised experiences for family trips with everything taken care of and without worries.

Prior to the trip, the team of professionals conduct an interview with the future guests to take into account all their interests, tastes and habits, in order to plan the perfect stay for each group. From the ideal yacht in terms of size, comfort and open spaces, to the gastronomic menu and entertainment.
Guests can create their dream trip and rest assured that once they arrive on the islands, they can start enjoying themselves without any worries because &Beyond Yacht Charters will be on top of every detail. As good hosts, the crew will always be on hand without interfering with the family dynamic.

Personalised menu

Choosing what and where to eat each day can be one of the challenges for family groups when travelling to new destinations. Children and adults with different tastes, habits and even restrictions make dining one of the most important issues when planning a trip. When enjoying the stay on board, the crew will create a special menu for the family, based on their needs and preferences, always maintaining the quality and freshness of the dishes.

A la carte activities

While cruising paradisiacal beaches aboard a private yacht is an experience in itself, the menu of land and sea activities and entertainment that &Beyond Yacht Charters offers is extensive and diverse.
Do yoga when the sun goes down, explore the flora and fauna of the islands, snorkel and dive as a family guided by experts, tour and take pictures together in the most dazzling spots of the Virgin Islands. The options are many and are adapted to the requirements and interests of each group.

Transfers taken care of

One of the biggest challenges when travelling in a group: how to move from one place to another, with children, adults and luggage included. This is one of the reasons why private yacht trips are being chosen, especially when it comes to families. Once we get on board, the crew will take us around the best corners of the Caribbean each day, following a previously agreed itinerary. Our only responsibility will be to enjoy ourselves.

Equipped and safe

Each yacht is fully equipped with the best amenities as well as everything necessary to ensure that the experience on board is as comfortable as it is safe. It is a priority for &Beyond Yacht Charters that their guests feel safe and relaxed and that is why their crew is highly trained and qualified. At all times, guests can ask questions and feel 100% confident that they will be accompanied by professionals who know the islands inside out, having sailed, dived and cruised every corner for years.

With a large and varied fleet of comfortable, well-managed and impeccably maintained luxury yachts, with capacity for families of up to 10 people &Beyond Yacht Charters invites you to live an experience that will exceed all expectations.