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USVI vs BVI: What’s the Difference?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “What’s the difference between the US Virgin Islands vs the British Virgin Islands?” If you’ve been wondering where you should go on yacht charter – USVI vs BVI – here are a few helpful details to assist you in your vacation planning. 


USVI (US Virgin Islands)

  • Territory of the United States
  • Does not require a passport to enter for American citizens
  • Comprised of 3 main islands – St. Thomas, St. John, & St. Croix – along with many smaller islets and cays
  • Overall size: 133.7 square miles
  • Current population: approximately 104,000
  • Currency: USD



BVI (British Virgin Islands)

  • A British Overseas Territory
  • Requires a passport to enter for everyone
  • Comprised of 4 main islands – Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, & Anegada – along with many smaller islets and cays
  • Overall size: 59 square miles 
  • Current population: approximately 30,000
  • Currency: USD




While they are two separate territories, the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands share a lot of similarities. Most of the islands are volcanic in origin, meaning they are rocky and mountainous (excluding Anegada in the BVI, which is the only flat, coral island in the chain). Both territories feature white sand beaches, thriving coral reefs, luscious green hillsides, and calm, Caribbean waters. Both the USVI and BVI are generally laid back and welcoming in spirit. Both territories are known for their tropical rum-based cocktails and international cuisine.



The USVI tends to be easier to fly into, which is why all of our yacht charters begin at our base in Yacht Haven Grande Marina, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. 

Overall, the main difference is that the BVI tends to be a bit quieter than the slightly more commercialized and bustling USVI.



The good news is that the USVI and BVI are so close to one another, it’s completely doable to explore both territories during your yacht charter with us. While the landscapes are similar (they are, in fact, all a part of the same archipelago), each island features unique natural wonders, snorkel spots, beach bars, and other must-see activities. Your crew will help you customize the stops of your yacht charter based on your group’s preferences. 



Please note: Some of the islands are a bit further out from the main islands and visiting them is dependent on weather and your charter’s itinerary. St. Croix (in the USVI) and Anegada (in the BVI) can both be visited during your yacht charter, but do require advanced planning.



If you have more questions about where to go on your Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation, explore our Destinations page, or reach out to our yacht consultant, Liza, to get recommendations on which islands will be ideal for your group. 

Island-Hopping in the Bahamas with Yacht Laysan

Looking to explore new seas in 2023? We’re excited to share that one of the biggest yachts in our fleet – Yacht Laysan – is now available for charters not only in the Virgin Islands, but also in the Bahamas. All you need to do is let us know where to meet you!


Let’s sail the Bahamas together

Much like the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas are a chain of islands, cays, and islets surrounded by some of the most beautiful water in the world. However, where the Virgin Islands are mostly mountainous volcanic islands, the islands of the Bahamas are low lying and almost completely flat. 



If you’ve chartered in the Virgin Islands with us, it is absolutely worth visiting the Bahamas on your next yacht charter. While the luxury experience onboard the yacht will be similar in terms of service and amenities, the landscape and culture are entirely different. 

Here are some of our favorite parts of the Bahamas that you could explore:


  • Strolling down pink sand beaches, taking in the magnitude of the color that cameras don’t even do justice to
  • Eating so much fresh local conch, in all its forms!
  • Running into a pod of wild dolphins and hopping in to swim with them
  • Exploring the blue holes in Andros
  • Scuba diving amongst shipwrecks and getting to know the shark population with local marine experts
  • Fishing for the big catch
  • Swimming with the famous pigs in The Exumas
  • Walking in the middle of the sea on vast whitesand sandbars
  • Dancing the night away to local Junkanoo beats
  • Photographing natural wonders like the Glass Window Bridge on Eleuthera
  • Popping in to a local fish fry
  • … and so much more!



There’s so much to see and do in the Bahamas. A one week sailing charter will have you longing to come back for more.  


About Yacht Laysan

Step onboard into luxury afloat…

You couldn’t ask for a yacht better suited for your Bahamian holiday. At 72 ft long and 35 ft wide, Yacht Laysan feels like a spacious 5-star retreat at sea. 

The yacht’s design is modern and sophisticated, with elegant touches throughout. All 4 of the plush cabins are complete with ensuite bathrooms. The shared spaces both inside and out are meant for lounging – comfortable and centered around the sweeping Caribbean views.  


The yacht can accommodate up to 8 guests and is fully equipped with every water sports toy you could ask for. The crew are well-versed in the island regions they charter in, and love sharing their insider tip + secret spots with their guests. They are particularly excited to introduce their guests to the Bahamas archipelago this season. 


Check availability + plan your Bahamas itinerary

If you’d like to arrange the ultimate Bahamas vacation in 2023, we’re here to help.


Reach out to our yacht consultant, Liza, to get recommendations on which Bahamian islands would most delight your group and check Yacht Laysan’s availability to secure your ideal dates. 

Stay & Sail: the experience of combining our stay on land and at sea

In a destination in which nature is the great protagonist, where vegetation and tropical trails are combined with movie-like seascapes, how can we enjoy both scenarios to the fullest during our trip? Or rather, why choose just one? Discovering the United States Virgin Islands from the comfort of a private yacht, navigating the most precious corners, combined with a stay at a luxury resort, is possible. The private crewed yacht firm & Beyond Yacht Charters and Lovango Resort came together to create this unique experience with their “Stay & Sail” program, offering the possibility of enjoying a stay on land and at sea in one of the most precious destinations in the Caribbean Sea: The United States Virgin Islands.

Stay: Just ten minutes from the coast of St. John and surrounded by the purest nature is Lovango Resort + Beach Club, the first modern construction resort in the US Virgin Islands. Rooms with views of paradise, private luxury villas in the “tree house” style, shopping center, spa, restaurant and an exclusive beach club are part of this ideal hotel for a few days of true relaxation on the islands. Guests can relax in its facilities with all the comforts, explore virgin landscapes and trails with stunning views, dine in front of the sea, relax in an infinity pool on its terrace. Then, they have the chance to have an onboard experience during their stay by chartering a private yacht directly from the island with & Beyond Yacht Charters.

Sail: A fleet of more than 20 yachts fully equipped and crewed by professionals are part of the experience offered by & Beyond Yacht Charters, in which a fully customized trip is possible. Before the trip, the &Beyond Yacht Charters team conducts an interview with prospective guests to create a personalized itinerary, from the gastronomic menu to their tours and activities. Water sports, yoga, walks, rest, dinner at sunset, spots to take pictures, everything will be designed based on your interests and preferences. All crew members are seasoned professionals and receive continuing education from & Beyond Yacht Charters, ensuring they provide the best in service and hospitality to guests. In turn, their love for the history of the Virgin Islands, the fauna and flora, marine life and its preserved areas allows the crew members to share the most precious corners with their guests.


Whether guests are looking for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or just kicking back and relaxing, the Virgin Islands is the perfect location. If you are also interested in experiencing the freedom of your own private yacht with a captain and a chef, but also the feeling of a private resort with the first beach club on the island, it is possible with this program. The first step is to contact a vacation advisor from &Beyond Yacht Charters and from there, the dream trip can be created. The Stay & Sail program includes 3-5 nights on a private yacht in St. Thomas, USVI, and 3-5 nights at Lovango Resort and Beach Club located off the coast of St. John, USVI. A different experience to enjoy one of the most precious destinations in the Caribbean Sea.

Chartering Beyond the Caribbean

Whether you’re one of our beloved past guests or if you’ve just recently discovered us through your vacation planning searches online, you may be under the impression that we only offer luxury yacht charters in the Caribbean. After all, that’s where our home base and all of the yachts in our fleet are located. However, our services extend beyond yacht management – we also offer worldwide yacht brokerage services. 


How our yacht brokerage services can help you

What does it mean to be a yacht broker? Well, a yacht broker’s job is much like a travel agent, vacation planner, and concierge wrapped into one. 

Europe charters


A yacht charter broker works with clients to tailor charter trips to their specific needs using their wealth of knowledge in sailing destinations, types of vessels, and international travel planning. They also have access to make reservations directly in the industry’s private booking system, so you don’t have to navigate through endless websites, trying to decipher if they’re trustworthy and translate other languages. 

For our company, we prioritize having an experienced yacht broker on our team so that we can provide you with our signature yacht consulting services for wherever you’d like to charter in the world, not just the Caribbean where we manage our fleet. 

Meet Liza

Liza is our resident yacht consultant, based in the US, and is always ready to share her abundant knowledge and passion for yachting. 



She’s originally from the South of France, where she grew up inspired by the sea, spending a vast amount of time on the Mediterranean Coast before moving to England, then New Zealand, and Latin America. Liza speaks fluent English, French, and Spanish. Prior to joining our team, she was a yacht consultant in the Virgin Islands, the Mediterranean, and the Bahamas. 

When you plan your yacht charters with Liza, you get personalized service and access to her connections in the top yachting destinations in the world. We will be your reliable intermediary, helping you book the vacation of your dreams with our trusted charter partners throughout Europe & the Caribbean. We’re here to ensure that you receive the same levels of luxury service whether you book a fully crewed trip on one of our boats, or one abroad. 

Prime charter destinations for Spring/Summer 2023

Now is the perfect time to secure your holiday reservations for European charter trips beginning in April 2023 through October 2023. If you want to experience the full magic of a European summer, we highly recommend that you book your yacht charter before spaces fill up, particularly for some of the most desirable destinations. 

Europe charters

We can help you plan the ultimate yacht charter vacation to picturesque locales such as the Greek Islands, Croatia, the French Riviera, Turkey, Italy, Montenegro, and more. 

Looking for further destination inspiration? Visit our page, Other Destinations, or reach out to our yacht consultant, Liza, to get recommendations on which coastline would be ideal for your group. Let’s plan the trip of a lifetime together! With our yacht broker in your pocket, travel abroad has never been so simple and stress-free. 


Join Us at the USVI Charter Yacht Show on St. Thomas

We’re just about a week away from one of the most fun events on our yacht calendar. Several of our yachts are gearing up to participate in next week’s festivities at the USVI Charter Yacht Show. If you’re in the yachting industry – whether you’re crew, a broker, or other yachting professional – you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn and connect. 

About the Event

The 2022 USVI Charter Yacht Show will be taking place at our home base at IGY Marinas’ Yacht Haven Grande on St. Thomas. The show runs from November 12th – 15th and is hosted by VIPCA (Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association). 

This event is all about networking and education. Building relationships is key to your success in our industry and we love the show’s focus on bringing brokers and crew together. 

We at And Beyond Yacht Charters also place a high value on providing our crews with world class training and education so they can provide our guests with vacations of a lifetime. At this year’s Charter Yacht Show, they’ll get to participate in trainings on everything from sea turtles to safety, as well as showcase their culinary skills in food & mixology competitions. 



Which of our yachts will be participating

We’re excited to have 15 of the yachts in our fleet participating in this year’s show. Our ownership team, Collin & Corinne, as well as our expert yacht consultant Liza, will also all be in attendance. 

If you’re attending the show, be sure to visit the following boats to take a tour and say hi to their crew:

  • 3 Sisters
  • Champagne
  • Felix
  • Rompecabezas
  • Libra
  • Physalia
  • Sea Dog
  • Tedavi
  • Sweet Ann Marie
  • Huntress
  • Ripple
  • True Story
  • Laysan
  • Esperanza II
  • Island Time


Also featured at this year’s event is our industry partner, Catamaran Central. Catamaran Central is owned by Wiley Sharpe and his wife, Laura Jagielski. They specialize in connecting prospective yacht owners with both new and pre-owned catamarans, all luxuriously built to accommodate commercial chartering.



Don’t miss these events

There are so many activities on the schedule that our team cannot wait to participate in…

The Captain’s Rum Tasting, the open yacht viewings, and the Carnival themed welcome reception are all on our list!

You can view the full schedule of events here.  

If you’re planning to attend the show, please do find us and say hello. We love meeting anyone and everyone who is passionate about the yachting industry, and these in-person events are a fantastic opportunity to connect beyond the screen. We hope to see you there!


Spend a Day on Charter with Us

Whether you’ve already booked an upcoming yacht charter vacation, or if you’re still searching for the right dates and yacht combination, one thing you might be wondering is, How will we spend our days exactly while we’re on charter?


There are essentially endless combinations for how to comprise a vacation day aboard one of our yachts, and it’s largely based on personal preference when it comes to specific activities. But we thought we might give anyone who is curious a peek into a day on yacht charter, for the sake of an example. 

Come on – let’s spend a day on a yacht charter together, shall we?

You wake up naturally, not to the sound of an alarm, but to the smell of coffee brewing. You can hear the waves gently lapping against the side of the hull, and see the sunshine peeking in from behind your curtains. 

You head up, past the kitchen where your chef is putting breakfast together, and emerge onto the aft deck. You grab a seat at the table and sip a cup of coffee while taking in the panoramic water view. 


big nauti breakfast table


Breakfast is served; it’s huevos rancheros today with plenty of tropical fruits on the side. Your captain joins you to present his plan for the day, based on the desires you expressed to him at the start of your charter. You’re excited about the day ahead.

Once breakfast is over and you’ve had time to let it settle, you and your companions hop into the warm water for a leisurely guided morning snorkel around the reef adjacent to where the boat is moored. While you’re in the water, breakfast is cleaned up and before you know it the captain’s prepped the boat to sail on. 


Felix under sail


Once back onboard, the mooring is released, the sails go up, and your yacht heads in the direction of its next stop. You and your companions lounge on the flybridge while underway, snacking on some post-snorkel fruit and baked treats. 

Your next stop is a unique mass of rocks rising from the sea with a glorious reef extending below them. Your group is split in their desires here, so some of you jump in and snorkel the reef while a few opt to kayak around the vicinity.


Indians snorkeling


After everyone’s had their fun, you all make your way back to the boat, famished from your swim. A charcuterie board awaits and the first cocktails of the day are poured. Onto the next stop!

It’s a breezy ride over to the harbor where you’ll spend today’s overnight. The boat secures a prime mooring near the shore, and lunch is served on the deck. Today’s lunch is hearty to fuel you up after all the morning’s activities – mahi mahi wraps with a Caribbean curried potato salad that you know you’re going to crave forever after this meal. 

After lunch, the captain accompanies you and dinghies you into shore to explore while the boat is cleaned and organized for the evening. You and your companions check out the gift shop and then hit up the beach bar to sip a few cocktails in the shallows of the white sand beach. 


cooper island beach



When you’ve had your fill of the beach, you all head back to the boat and everyone pursues the activity of their choice – some read on the deck, some float on a raft, and a few head out to do some tubing with the captain behind the tender. 

Everyone showers and freshens up for the evening, meeting back on the deck to lounge with sundowners and appetizers to watch the sunset over the horizon. 


sunset floating


Post-sunset, everyone’s somehow hungry again for dinner mostly because something smells amazing coming from the (kitchen) galley. Tonight, the chef has put together a locally inspired surf n’ turf – steak & Caribbean spiny lobster over a dreamy, creamy orzo. Dessert is a passionfruit creme brulee served with a local spiced rum digestif. 

After dinner, the kids decide they’d like to relax before bed with a movie in the lounge. A few of the adults head back ashore to sample rums from around the world at the Rum Bar. The rest of the group snags one of the board games from the yacht’s collection and plays on the deck under the stars.


felix under sail


By the time everyone heads to bed for the night, the mooring field is peacefully quiet, once again lulling you to sleep with gentle lapping water against the hull and the Coqui frogs chirping in the distance from shore. 



This is just a glimpse into one day on a yacht charter. The good news? You’ve got at least 5-7 other days to play around with and customize to your heart’s desire. 

Want to go scuba diving? Hike to the peak of an island and view the entire island chain from a fresh vantage point? Have a bar crawl along a famous white sand beach populated by several iconic beach bars? It’s all possible!

Our crews are here to bring it all together for you as seamlessly as possible. They are available to accompany guests on all excursions off the boat whether it be snorkeling, beach bar hopping, hiking, you name it. 

Our crews are experts in their realm and here to share their knowledge with you as your personal guides. Whether it’s pointing out an uncommon sea creature, or introducing you to a favorite bartender, we ensure you feel not just taken care of, but spoiled on your charter. (Though do know that they can also “read a room” and give you your space whenever you prefer it!)

On your yacht charter, we plan around what YOU want to do. No matter what you decide, one thing is certain – paradise will be paradise. 


Pleasures on board

Published in Reforma on August 07, 2022, in Mexico


If you are one of those travelers who are constantly searching for small pleasures that inject happiness into your life, you may be interested in doing some of these experiences on your next trip.


Holidays on board

Published in Mustique Magazine on August 07, 2022, in Argentina

Wake up on board a private yacht as a family, with our favorite breakfast ready and a day ahead to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea. This is how attractive is the personalized proposal of &Beyond Yacht Charters to live a vacation of adventure and true relaxation in a privileged natural environment.

Three destinations that combine luxury and respect for nature

Published in Nexos on September 2, 2022, in Peru.

Sustainable architecture, efficient use of energy and water, waste management, reduction of plastics and use of organic products are some of the practices being carried out to accompany this trend.

On the one hand, a deep interest in tourism that mobilizes hundreds of millions of people every year to discover the most fascinating corners of the planet. On the other hand, obvious environmental problems are increasing globally. Faced with this scenario, some time ago certain destinations and tourism companies began to adopt policies that contribute to a more environmentally friendly way of traveling. Here are three destinations and companies in which nature is the main protagonist and some of their practices to enjoy them without overlooking the conservation and care of the natural environment.


Baru, Colombia

Baru Colombia


Winner of the award for Best Eco-Sustainable Luxury Hotel in South America in 2019 by the World Luxury Hotel Awards and mentioned by Conde Nast as one of the best sustainable hotels in the region, Hotel Las Islas, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, was conceived with the mission of respecting the environment. Located in Barú, 45 minutes from Cartagena, its proposal invites guests to connect with nature -without sacrificing comfort- and collaborate with positive impact actions. Its 55 bungalows (23 at sea level, 32 at high altitude overlooking the sea and the tropical dry forest) were built without cutting down any trees, designed with sustainable materials and strategically located for the conservation of the native ecosystem, both marine and terrestrial.

For the treatment of water, one of the most precious natural resources, they created a desalination plant, a purification machine and wastewater treatment that allows the liquid to return to the land by drip. At the same time, given the importance of preserving the flora, fauna and different ecosystems, they planted approximately 11,000 native trees, planted corals and special protections on the seabed to care for the reefs in the vicinity of the hotel.

The organization of Hotel Las Islas is fully trained to provide the necessary information to guests and thus promote culture, sustainable tourism and the consumption of local products.

A hotel immersed in the purest nature, designed with all the comforts, the highest service and highlighted not only for implementing methods of low environmental impact, but also for reminding us that luxury, comfort and sustainability can go hand in hand.


The Virgin Islands, United States

And Beyond Yacht Charters

Located in the West Indies, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this group of more than 50 islands of mountainous origin and tropical abundance enjoys some of the most dazzling landscapes on the planet. Paradisiacal beaches and islands that include six national parks of great biodiversity where conscious tourism and nature conservation are prioritized. Proposals for responsible hotels and eco-resorts, volunteer beach cleaning and reef protection, as well as restaurants that grow their own food and promote local production are some of the practices that can be seen on the islands.

One of the most important policies carried out since the ocean is the main protagonist is that tourists cannot use sunscreens containing the “3 toxic Os” (oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene), which are prohibited by law in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Thus, the use of non-nano mineral sunscreens made of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, the only sunscreen ingredients considered safe for both human health and the environment, is encouraged.

In turn, because of its geography, sailing is one of the main ways to discover the islands and one of the great sources of local employment thanks to the tourism that arrives every year. And Beyond Yacht Charters, based in the U.S. Virgin Islands and created by two nature lovers, was born with a common purpose: to share their passion for sailing while preserving natural areas and sharing their respect for wildlife. The love for the islands, for the sea and for every animal that inhabits it is evident in every activity and experience designed by its crew of professionals. On each yacht, the crew lives and works surrounded by nature, far from the challenges associated with modern life, and they make a week of sailing in the Caribbean have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the people who experience it. On their way to a more responsible form of tourism, in addition to guiding their guests in responsible practices, they have been incorporating new policies such as the use of organic amenities that do not harm the ecosystem, boats with solar panels (such as the Dream Catcher and Sweet Ann Marie yachts), elimination of single-use plastics and consumption of local and seasonal products. A new -and positive- way of tourism, combining enjoyment and respect for our planet.


Bocas del Toro, Panamá



Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Panama’s first National Marine Park, Bocas del Toro has become one of the most visited ecotourism destinations in Panama and is also one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. In this privileged natural environment is located La Coralina Island House, a property of 8 villas and 23 rooms designed and built with natural materials that blend in with the surrounding scenery. The different experiences proposed by the hotel combine high standards of service and quality with respect for natural raw materials, the conscious use of resources and low environmental impact practices.

Its gastronomic proposal focuses on fresh and seasonal local ingredients, a simple contemporary cuisine prepared by experts who collaborate with the consumption of local products.

Its spa, a sacred place hidden in the rainforest, proposes guests to relax and live a holistic wellness experience using organic products and ancient treatments that honor the cultures of the region.

La Coralina Bay is also home to Coral Nation, a non-profit organization committed to the preservation of marine ecosystems through the engagement of the region’s communities, scientific research and the protection of biodiversity. By establishing coral nurseries in the ocean and on land, they regenerate damaged coral reefs. They transplant coral clones in degraded areas of the reef, allowing marine life to return and strengthen the reef against future damage.

With spectacular views of the ocean, its proximity to the rainforest and wildlife and its fully equipped facilities, La Coralina invites us to experience its philosophy that living close to nature in a respectful way is the greatest luxury possible.




Luxury tourism that respects nature: where can you find it?

Published in Fucsia on September 9, 2022, in Colombia.

Meet the destinations that promote a more environmentally friendly way of traveling.

Tourism will always be an industry that mobilizes thousands of people around the world, who seek to discover the best and most exotic places on the planet. Taking into account this taste for travel and the concern of the tourism industry to contribute to the good management of the environment, companies in the sector have begun to adopt policies where nature is the protagonist when choosing a place to rest and enjoy.

Destinations close to nature


Baru, Colombia

Sofitel Barú Calablanca

Sofitel Barú Calablanca, one of Pei’s assets in Cartagena. – Photo: Pei


In this beautiful and paradisiacal island located 45 minutes from the city of Cartagena, you can find the best sustainable hotels that respect the environment and invite guests to connect with nature.

With bungalows at sea level or immersed in the dry forest of the region, located for the conservation of the native ecosystem both maritime and terrestrial, tourists can enjoy the sea, the beach and nature in an environment that preserves the flora, fauna and the different ecosystems.

One example is the Hotel Las Islas, conceived with the mission of respecting the environment, which built its bungalows without cutting down any trees and designed with sustainable materials. They have also carried out a plantation of approximately 11,000 native trees, planting of corals and special protections in the seabed to take care of the reefs of this Colombian region.

Baru has demonstrated that it is possible to implement low environmental impact methods, while maintaining luxury, comfort and sustainability.


The Virgin Islands, United States


Islas virgenes

Islas Vírgenes – Foto: Getty Images


Located in the West Indies, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this group of more than 50 islands of mountainous origin and tropical abundance enjoys some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. Its beaches are world-renowned, as are its 6 national parks where biodiversity is a priority, a characteristic that permanently attracts tourism that is conscious and concerned about the conservation of the planet.

These islands are characterized by a series of eco-friendly and responsible hotel proposals, which include volunteer beach cleaning and reef protection. In addition, you can find restaurants that grow their own food and promote local production.

One of the most important policies carried out in the islands, since the ocean is the main protagonist, is that tourists cannot use sunscreens containing the “3 toxic Os” (oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene). Thus, the use of non-nano mineral sunscreens made of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, the only sunscreen ingredients considered safe for both human health and the environment, is encouraged.

Sailing is also the protagonist as a new way to discover the islands and to awaken in the tourist that passion for the sea and each of the animals that inhabit it. And Beyond Yacht Charters, for example, offers organic amenities that do not harm the ecosystem, boats with solar panels and promotes the consumption of local and seasonal products.


Bocas del Toro, Panamá


Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro, Panama – Photo: Getty Images


It is considered the first National Marine Park in Panama. As one of the most diverse places, it is one of the most visited ecotourism destinations in this country.

The different experiences combine high standards of service and quality with respect for natural raw materials, conscious use of resources and low environmental impact practices.

Its tourist proposals invite guests to relax and live an experience of wellbeing in the company of nature. The Coralina Island House, a property of 8 villas and 23 rooms designed and built with natural materials, has a gastronomic proposal focused on a simple contemporary cuisine prepared by experts who collaborate with the consumption of local products.

For the preservation of marine ecosystems in the region, La Coralina Bay is home to Coral Nation, a committed non-profit organization that promotes scientific research, biodiversity protection, the establishment of coral nurseries in the ocean and on land, and the regeneration of damaged coral reefs.