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What Makes a Yacht Charter a Luxury Yacht Charter?

When researching yacht charter vacations, you will come across many varying options. One key differential that you may have noticed is that some are labeled as “luxury yacht charters,” and some are not. So, what makes a yacht charter a luxury yacht charter, you ask?

While the term “luxury” isn’t held to specific industry-wide standards, all of the yacht charters that we provide are, indeed, truly luxury yacht charters. Here’s what that means for you, as our guest:

  • No request is too small. We’re here to ensure your vacation seamlessly exceeds your expectations. If you’ve got special requests, dietary needs, or are celebrating an exciting milestone or occasion, please let us know and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.
  • Exceptional service, from your initial booking to your departure. Our yacht management team and seasoned yacht crews are all industry professionals committed to top tier hospitality that is always personalized and attentive, and never overbearing.


  • Fine food & cocktails, all included. Our yacht chefs are trained in exemplary culinary techniques and mixology, and we provision each yacht charter with only the freshest ingredients. You will be amazed at the incredible meals that our talented crews create at sea.
  • All. The. Amenities. Our yachts are equipped with everything you need for the ultimate getaway including the latest and greatest water sports gear, as well as many eco conscious touches.
  • Impeccably maintained yachts. All of the yachts in our fleet are extremely well managed to provide you a safe, relaxing, and comfortable stay.
  • Experiential Vacationing. Yachting with us is an immersive experience into this incredible destination. Explore the wonders of paradise with those most passionate about sharing it. Prepare to be transported.

We invite you to come experience the difference of a luxury yacht charter firsthand. Though full warning: once you go luxury, you’ll never go back.

Should I Start my BVI Yacht Charter in the BVI or USVI?

Are you wanting to plan a BVI yacht charter vacation but aren’t sure if you should select a yacht that leaves from the USVI or BVI? There are several different yacht charter vacation options to choose from and while it may seem like it makes sense to start a British Virgin Islands charter IN the BVI, here’s why we believe it’s actually in your best interest to start your charter in the USVI.

When selecting where we’d set-up the home base for our yacht management and charter business, we chose Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands for many practical reasons such as:

  • There are so many more flight options coming in and out of STT (the St. Thomas airport) for our guests traveling from around the world. Not only is it more convenient and reliable to fly in and out of the USVI, but it’s also much cheaper than flying in and out of the BVI.
  • When your charter leaves from the USVI, getting to your yacht is far less complicated. There’s no need to ferry to the BVI and then take a taxi to your yacht’s marina. In the USVI, you are on your yacht within 15 minutes of leaving the airport. This takes the stress out of having to rush to meet your ferry on time (especially if your flight happens to be delayed, forcing you to then have to find accommodations for the night elsewhere).
  • The provisioning options on St. Thomas are more consistently diverse and abundant than the food available to stock a yacht in the BVI. For our guests with special dietary needs, preferences, or requests, it’s far simpler to meet those needs in the USVI.
  • When you begin your charter in the USVI, the BVI Customs & Immigration process is handled for you. Your captain will take care of all of the paperwork and physically go in for you when the time comes, all while you relax onboard with cocktails and appetizers. No waiting in lines for you!



  • Keeping our luxury yachts maintained to our exacting standards is accomplishable in the USVI, where we have access to all of the yacht parts and services we require.
  • The British Virgin Islands are easily accessible, and we love being able to give our guests a taste of the USVI at the start and end of their BVI yacht charters, too. Most BVI yacht charters never enter USVI waters. 

For all of these reasons, we believe it’s the smartest choice for guests seeking a BVI yacht charter to actually select a yacht charter vacation that starts and ends in the USVI. Your travel experience will likely not only be smoother and more affordable, it will also be a more well-rounded holiday in the Virgin Islands archipelago.

5 Must See Dive Sites on your BVI Yacht Charter

Do you love to SCUBA dive, or are you looking to learn? The British Virgin Islands are one of the premier dive vacation destinations in the world, and our charter yachts are not only equipped with well-maintained, modern dive gear, but many are also crewed by certified Divemasters.

Here are our top 5 favorite dive sites we’d love to take you to on your next BVI yacht charter vacation with us:

1.The Old Willy T, Peter Island – The previous version of the Willy T – the iconic floating pirate ship + bar off Norman Island – was destroyed in Hurricane Irma in 2017 and is now a cool piece of underwater reef art that you can dive. Look out for the skeleton pirates!

2.The RMS Rhone, Salt Island – This iconic wreck is probably the most popular dive site in the BVI. The wreck itself is enormous, covered with corals, and hosts thriving schools of fish and marine life. It was also the set of the 1977 film, “The Deep.”


3.The Indians, Norman Island – These rocky pinnacles have so much to see just below the surface. Not only is it an awesome shallow water dive site, it’s also a suitable spot for any snorkelers in your group to enjoy if they don’t wish to dive alongside you. There is also a really cool underwater “swim through” to explore!

4.The Chimney, Great Dog Island – Two huge rock formations come together to create a space that looks just like a chimney. The canyons and ridges of this healthy dive site make it easy to see why this is famously referred to as one of Jacques Cousteau’s favorite BVI dive locations.

5.Ginger Steps, Ginger Island – The natural ledges here are what makes this dive site particularly unique. This site tends to have amazing visibility year round and you never know what array of marine animals you’ll see passing through here.


These are just a few of the MANY incredible places to go diving in the BVI. Depending on your dive experience and comfort level, your crew will take you to the sites you’ll enjoy most.

6 Reasons Why an Adventure Yacht Charter is the Perfect Family Vacation

When it comes to family vacations, sometimes it can be hard to know how to go about choosing something that will please everyone. An adventure yacht charter is the solution you’re looking for! Here’s why an adventure yacht charter is the perfect family vacation:

1.All of the adventure planning is off your plate. You only need to show up. Simply tell us what appeals to you and your family – hiking, snorkeling, tubing, etc. – and your crew will personalize an itinerary for each day that’s sure to delight everyone. No decisions, no debating, just fun.

2.All adventures have a built-in safety guide – your crew. Our highly trained crews will accompany you and your family on all of your adventures, not only to ensure everyone’s safety, but to also share their expertise on the local flora, fauna, history, and culture.

3.There are always alternate options if the chosen adventure doesn’t appeal to everyone. Let’s say 3 out of 5 members of your family want to go scuba diving, but 2 aren’t certified. Your captain can choose a dive spot that also has amazing snorkeling, so those 2 family members can float on rafts or snorkel nearby while the others go diving.



4.There is zero cooking or post-adventure clean-up required. Chartering a yacht with a full service crew means that when you’re done adventuring for the day, you get to just relax. Your crew will take care of everything from sandy shoes to bringing you a sunset cocktail while the chef prepares dinner for your family.

5.You’ve got picture-takers at the ready to help capture the memories you’re making. With a fully crewed yacht, there’s always someone on hand to take the camera and snap the adventure-in-progress, so you can enjoy remembering it for decades to come (and no one is left out of the pictures!).

6.Paradise is a destination that makes everyone happy. The Virgin Islands are stunning, both above and below the water. White sand, sunshine, and warm, clear seas delight visitors of all ages.


We look forward to taking you and your family on your next big adventure!


How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht?

You’ve seen the photos online and feel certain that you’d love to charter a yacht for your next vacation. Now, the next question is, How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht?

All of our experiences are luxury crewed yacht charters and are priced as all-inclusive. This means that all of your meals, drinks (including alcohol), on-board water sports equipment, fuel, and all other costs to operate the boat are incorporated into the weekly price of the yacht.

In addition to your yacht charter cost, you will also want to set aside 15-20% to tip your crew at the end of the week. Gratuities are customary in this industry, and are at the client’s discretion based on the service received over the course of the charter.



Unless you decide to partake in any food or cocktails off of the boat, there will not be any surprise costs to plan for.

Our weekly yacht charters are priced based on the boat and the number of guests onboard.

Depending on the yacht you select, the cost of a yacht charter with us can range from $11,500 per week to $41,000 per week.

Please visit our Yachts page to check availability and view pricing by boat.


Sample 7-Day US Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary

You’ve officially booked your US Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation and now you’re wondering what you’re going to do for the 7 days you have booked on the boat. While there are seemingly endless options – so many places to see, so many reefs to snorkel! – and your itinerary can be fully customized with your crew based on your group’s preferences, here is a sample 7-day US Virgin Islands sailing itinerary to give you an idea of what a week on yacht charter looks like.

Day 1

Warm welcome aboard in Yacht Haven Grande Marina, St. Thomas
Welcome cocktail + light lunch on the dock, or underway
Sail to Maho Bay, St John
Swimming, snorkeling with sea turtles, floating + cocktails, or beach time exploring Maho Crossroads.
Appetizers + sundowners
Game night

Day 2

Sail to Leinster Bay, St. John
Easy hike to the historic Annaberg sugar mill ruins or to Murphy’s Mansion for a lovely view of your yacht in the bay below
Snorkeling around Waterlemon Cay / afternoon watersports
Stargazing on bow of the boat



Day 3

Sail to Coral Bay, St. John
Lunch + cocktails at the famous floating taco bar, Lime Out
Sunbathing, reading, and/or afternoon boat nap

Captain’s cocktail hour + appetizers
Dancing under the stars on the flybridge

Day 4

Sail to Salt Pond, St. John
Hike to Ram’s Head
Sail to Lameshur Bay, St. John
Watersports and/or snorkeling the canyons
Sundowners + appetizers
Enjoy the best stargazing night of your charter due to the lack of light pollution in this bay

Day 5

Sail to Cruz Bay, St. John
Beach day at Honeymoon Beach Club
Dinghy ride to Cruz Bay for shopping + bar-hopping
Dinner ashore at one of the wonderful restaurants in Cruz Bay

Day 6

Sail to Magens Bay, St. Thomas
Water activities in stunning bay – floating, snorkeling, beach time
Beach stroll or a short hike on the Discovery Nature Trail
Enjoy the gorgeous sunset

Day 7

Sail to Water Island
Dinghy to Honeymoon Beach for swimming, beach time, and optional golf cart rental to explore the island
Sundowners back on yacht
Option to visit Dinghy’s Beach Bar ashore

Day 8

Sail to Charlotte Amalie, back to Yacht Haven Grande Marina, St. Thomas
Disembark & enjoy the marina shops or explore the town if you have time to spare before your flight home.


When Is The Best Times to Visit the Virgin Islands on Yacht Charter?

If you’re planning a Virgin Islands vacation and are curious about the best times to visit the Virgin Islands on yacht charter, here are a couple of things to consider:

The height of busy season is December – April

This is snowbird season – the Virgin Islands are in high demand amongst those escaping winter. Demand is high, and is often reflected in charter prices.

We consider our “shoulder months” to be May, June, July, and November

The VI are busiest when it’s the coldest up north. As it warms up in the Northeast, things in the Virgin Islands slow down a bit. These months are an excellent time to come if you enjoy a more low key vibe. There are less people around, in general, so it’s easier to find beaches, snorkel spots, and hiking trails that you can enjoy all to yourself.


The main “hurricane months” are August, September, and October

These three months are the height of hurricane season and when there’s the greatest chance of storms. This means that many island businesses close for their seasonal break. We also do not run charters in the Virgin Islands during these months; the majority of our boats are out of the region for the season.

The busiest weeks of the year are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s

These three weeks are a time of celebration and fun – and when EVERYONE wants to be in the VI. There is a bustling energy in the air, and you will find that everywhere you visit is far busier than you will ever see it. As a result, this is the most expensive time of the year to charter due to demand.

It’s generally always warm & sunny in the Virgin Islands

The good news: the natural beauty and year round tropical weather makes any time a great time to visit the Virgin Islands.

Why You Should Booking A Charter With A Luxury Yacht Group?

While there are many options available to you when researching yacht charters, here’s why you should charter from a luxury yacht group like &Beyond Yacht Charters.

Luxury yacht groups provide extensive training to their crews.

All of the crews on our yachts receive training and certifications specific to their jobs that are renewed annually. Their education goes beyond the requisite safety credentials – our crews are also given expert guidance in everything from local ecology, hospitality, culinary arts, mixology, water sports, and much more.

Luxury yacht groups have more resources available to them.

Whether it’s sourcing unique ingredients for guest requests, or getting urgent replacement supplies to a yacht while on charter, our team is well-connected and experienced in doing whatever it takes to ensure a seamless yacht charter vacation.

Luxury yacht groups maintain the yachts in their fleet to the highest standards.

Every single yacht in our fleet is impeccably maintained, checked by our meticulous management team before each and every charter. Everything from the engines, to the furniture, to the water sports equipment, to the linens is held to unyielding standards to deliver the luxury experiences our guests expect.

Why should you charter from a luxury yacht group? The answer is simple: If you’re looking for a luxury experience beyond your expectations, it takes industry professionals to deliver it.

USVI vs BVI: What’s the Difference?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “What’s the difference between the US Virgin Islands vs the British Virgin Islands?” If you’ve been wondering where you should go on yacht charter – USVI vs BVI – here are a few helpful details to assist you in your vacation planning. 


USVI (US Virgin Islands)

  • Territory of the United States
  • Does not require a passport to enter for American citizens
  • Comprised of 3 main islands – St. Thomas, St. John, & St. Croix – along with many smaller islets and cays
  • Overall size: 133.7 square miles
  • Current population: approximately 104,000
  • Currency: USD



BVI (British Virgin Islands)

  • A British Overseas Territory
  • Requires a passport to enter for everyone
  • Comprised of 4 main islands – Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, & Anegada – along with many smaller islets and cays
  • Overall size: 59 square miles 
  • Current population: approximately 30,000
  • Currency: USD




While they are two separate territories, the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands share a lot of similarities. Most of the islands are volcanic in origin, meaning they are rocky and mountainous (excluding Anegada in the BVI, which is the only flat, coral island in the chain). Both territories feature white sand beaches, thriving coral reefs, luscious green hillsides, and calm, Caribbean waters. Both the USVI and BVI are generally laid back and welcoming in spirit. Both territories are known for their tropical rum-based cocktails and international cuisine.



The USVI tends to be easier to fly into, which is why all of our yacht charters begin at our base in Yacht Haven Grande Marina, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. 

Overall, the main difference is that the BVI tends to be a bit quieter than the slightly more commercialized and bustling USVI.



The good news is that the USVI and BVI are so close to one another, it’s completely doable to explore both territories during your yacht charter with us. While the landscapes are similar (they are, in fact, all a part of the same archipelago), each island features unique natural wonders, snorkel spots, beach bars, and other must-see activities. Your crew will help you customize the stops of your yacht charter based on your group’s preferences. 



Please note: Some of the islands are a bit further out from the main islands and visiting them is dependent on weather and your charter’s itinerary. St. Croix (in the USVI) and Anegada (in the BVI) can both be visited during your yacht charter, but do require advanced planning.



If you have more questions about where to go on your Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation, explore our Destinations page, or reach out to our yacht consultant, Liza, to get recommendations on which islands will be ideal for your group. 

Island-Hopping in the Bahamas with Yacht Laysan

Looking to explore new seas in 2023? We’re excited to share that one of the biggest yachts in our fleet – Yacht Laysan – is now available for charters not only in the Virgin Islands, but also in the Bahamas. All you need to do is let us know where to meet you!


Let’s sail the Bahamas together

Much like the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas are a chain of islands, cays, and islets surrounded by some of the most beautiful water in the world. However, where the Virgin Islands are mostly mountainous volcanic islands, the islands of the Bahamas are low lying and almost completely flat. 



If you’ve chartered in the Virgin Islands with us, it is absolutely worth visiting the Bahamas on your next yacht charter. While the luxury experience onboard the yacht will be similar in terms of service and amenities, the landscape and culture are entirely different. 

Here are some of our favorite parts of the Bahamas that you could explore:


  • Strolling down pink sand beaches, taking in the magnitude of the color that cameras don’t even do justice to
  • Eating so much fresh local conch, in all its forms!
  • Running into a pod of wild dolphins and hopping in to swim with them
  • Exploring the blue holes in Andros
  • Scuba diving amongst shipwrecks and getting to know the shark population with local marine experts
  • Fishing for the big catch
  • Swimming with the famous pigs in The Exumas
  • Walking in the middle of the sea on vast whitesand sandbars
  • Dancing the night away to local Junkanoo beats
  • Photographing natural wonders like the Glass Window Bridge on Eleuthera
  • Popping in to a local fish fry
  • … and so much more!



There’s so much to see and do in the Bahamas. A one week sailing charter will have you longing to come back for more.  


About Yacht Laysan

Step onboard into luxury afloat…

You couldn’t ask for a yacht better suited for your Bahamian holiday. At 72 ft long and 35 ft wide, Yacht Laysan feels like a spacious 5-star retreat at sea. 

The yacht’s design is modern and sophisticated, with elegant touches throughout. All 4 of the plush cabins are complete with ensuite bathrooms. The shared spaces both inside and out are meant for lounging – comfortable and centered around the sweeping Caribbean views.  


The yacht can accommodate up to 8 guests and is fully equipped with every water sports toy you could ask for. The crew are well-versed in the island regions they charter in, and love sharing their insider tip + secret spots with their guests. They are particularly excited to introduce their guests to the Bahamas archipelago this season. 


Check availability + plan your Bahamas itinerary

If you’d like to arrange the ultimate Bahamas vacation in 2023, we’re here to help.


Reach out to our yacht consultant, Liza, to get recommendations on which Bahamian islands would most delight your group and check Yacht Laysan’s availability to secure your ideal dates.