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How to Turn your Yacht into a Full Service Yacht Charter

placing your yacht in a management program

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Whether you’re a new yacht owner, or have been fortunate to own yachts for many years, choosing to charter your yacht is an entirely different proposition. If you’re wondering how to turn your yacht into a full service yacht charter, there are many things to consider. Likely if you’ve already begun your research, your to-do list keeps growing. We understand – it can get overwhelming!

Maintaining and managing a yacht that’s intended to provide a luxury vacation experience can be a complex and demanding task. Thus, this is where our yacht management program comes to the rescue. By placing your yacht into a proven yacht management program like ours, you can transform your ownership experience.

If you don’t own a yacht yet, we recommend that you start by reaching out to our industry partners, Catamaran Central. They can assist you in finding the right yacht that’s geared towards commercial chartering.

Here are just a few of the responsibilities that we can take off of your plate (and mind!) as your yacht management team:

Meticulous Yacht Maintenance

Our yacht management program employs a team of skilled professionals who are well-versed in all aspects of yacht maintenance, operation, and administration. We ensure your vessel is in peak condition, managing routine maintenance, repairs, and inspections, so your yacht remains seaworthy and safe. Also, this will maximize your future resale value.

Maximizing your Charter Income

If you’re not using your yacht year-round, placing it in our yacht management program can be a lucrative option. We handle everything from marketing, to broker connections, to concierge-style booking to fill up the available weeks. Additionally, our local and industry connections allow for cost effective maintenance and provisioning.

Luxury Crew Management

Recruiting, training, and retaining experienced crew members can be a daunting task. We have a network of qualified hospitality & yachting professionals, ensuring your yacht is staffed with a competent and trustworthy crew.



Full Service Back-up Charter Support

Situations happen. For this reason, we have local chase boats and back-up management teams available 24/7 when guests are onboard your yacht in the event of yachting issues. This allows charters to continue smoothly and prevents loss of charter income. Additionally, crews receive the support they need to provide the highest level guest experience.

Competent Legal and Administrative Support

Managing the myriad legal and administrative requirements associated with yacht ownership can be overwhelming. This is why &Beyond Yacht Charters’ experienced team handles these tasks, from flagging and registration to compliance with international maritime laws. Above all, we give you a partner you can trust with all aspects of your yacht.


Placing your yacht into our yacht management program can turn the dream of yacht ownership into a stress-free reality. Our professional expertise, cost-efficiency, and convenient services allow our yacht owners to fully enjoy their yachts without the hassle of day-to-day management.

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