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“All inclusive” in the Virgin Islands

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& BEYONDYacht Charters, present their boats “all Inclusive”, for the Virgin Islands
& Beyond Yacht Charters is a manned yacht charter firm with an all-inclusive service at sea. Each trip can be completely and meticulously personalized according to the number of guests, the dates and the preferences regarding the boat. Each yacht is unique, singular and different.

Welcome to the Virgin Islands! Known as the little secrets of nature, they are a group of more than 90 islands, islets and cays formed in the West Indies, in the Caribbean. These islands offer some of the most beautiful enclaves in the Caribbean. Discovering them from the sea, on one of & Beyond’s yachts with its expert crew at the helm, make the destination an even more magical place.
& Beyond Yacht Charters is a manned yacht charter firm with an all-inclusive service at sea. Each trip can be completely and meticulously personalized according to the number of guests, the dates and the preferences regarding the boat. Each yacht is unique, singular and different. The & Beyond team looks for the best option according to the requirements of the passengers.

The crew is one of & Beyond’s highlights, as they are highly professional and attentive to every detail. They always sail the same boat knowing the yacht in all its expression and prepare a personalized menu with a great variety of water sports and shore excursions. Additionally, they are deeply passionate about these islands, the ocean, their marine life, and ecosystems. They plan the trip with the smallest detail so that customers only dedicate themselves to enjoying themselves while generating indelible travel memories. The great knowledge of the area and the flexibility guarantee that every day it meets the expectations and wishes of the client. Each crew contributes all their “know how”, their unique warmth and a pleasant, discreet, and at the same time efficient service. Every day they dazzle their guests with a unique corner in the Caribbean, a secret enclave and many unforgettable moments. In turn, they share their skills with clients and invite them to discover different sports that they usually practice themselves, learn to take the perfect photo, relax with a yoga class at dawn or taste culinary specialties, among many others.

& Beyond’s mission is to show each guest what makes the destination so unique in the world. The success of & Beyond is based on the collective strength and vision of people united by a common purpose, that of protecting and preserving the last remaining wilderness areas in the world. The love and respect for these islands, for the sea and for each animal that inhabits it is evident in each activity and experience designed by the crew. This ends up infecting customers and provides a life experience more than just a vacation.
The exclusive & Beyond fleet is made up of a wide variety of luxury yachts, with great comfort and exhaustive maintenance to ensure the best comforts and performance. Whether it’s a trip for 10 friends or a romantic getaway for two, & Beyond has the perfect yacht for every occasion. With vessels ranging from 2 to 5 cabins, from 40 to 60 feet, each yacht is fully equipped to offer an “All Inclusive” stay. Delicious gastronomy, cocktails and wines of the world, sports and unforgettable excursions. Each itinerary is planned in a personalized way, each client’s wish is a mission for the crew. In this way, the most difficult decision that the client has to make will be what to wear today.

From the first moment that clients put their feet on deck, they experience a feeling of relaxation. When they meet the crew they know that a week of good times, impeccable service and unique activities awaits them. As soon as the navigation begins, the sea breeze is felt on the skin, the turquoise waters of different depths follow one another and experience the amenities offered by the crew, guests are immersed in a world of absolute enjoyment in contact with nature. The Virgin Islands await you with all its best kept secrets….

Choosing the itinerary is not an easy task when each destination that & Beyond travels is more beautiful than the next. Guests can choose to:

-The American Virgin Islands, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, known for its white sands and the magnificence of its underwater world.
-The British Virgin Islands are a boater’s paradise. Each island that forms this immaculate volcanic archipelago has its own personality and enclaves of dreams
-The Spanish Virgin Islands, as small as they are unique, are perhaps the least known of the Virgin Islands. Located between Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, they have places rarely visited by tourists.
-The Leeward Islands are a perfect combination of Caribbean impetus and understated elegance with European “charm”.
-The Winward Islands exemplify diversity and tradition, many of its keys and islands are uninhabited. Here guests have a great chance of feeling like they own their own private island.

The creators of & Beyond, Collin and Corinne, grew up in South Africa with the opportunity to appreciate nature from an early age. Owners of a tourism company in their hometown, they enjoyed their profession very much for several years until they discovered the Virgin Islands. Their vision is to share with others the wonders of these Caribbean islands so that they can also fall in love with this region like them and experience what they feel living there. In his own words: “We are a yacht company with a highly professional crew that provides experiences and vacations that positively impact people’s lives”
& Beyond ensures that each guest enjoys the relaxation, freedom and peace of mind that sailing promotes. Whether it’s diving, looking for history or relaxing on the beach, every day on board is a new discovery. & Beyond will take care of every detail so that the trip with family, friends or that romantic getaway for two is an unforgettable trip. A unique “All Inclusive” experience at sea!

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