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6 Reasons Why Chartering with a Crew is the Way to Go Yachting

Thinking about chartering a yacht for your next Caribbean vacation but can’t decide whether to go bareboat or crewed? There are many differences between the two experiences, so it’s wise to do your research.

We at AndBeyond Yacht Charters are huge proponents of the crewed yacht charter vacation. In fact, none of our boats are available for bareboat charter (meaning: without crew). That’s because we’re committed to delivering more than just a vacation – we’re here to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. And we know that’s only possible with a professional, attentive crew.

Here are our top 6 reasons why chartering with a crew is the way to go for your next yachting vacation:

1) The Food

Food is a major component as to why chartering with a crew is such a game changer. First and foremost, the chefs on our yachts are all highly skilled and will serve you up inventive and delicious dishes for every meal. But beyond that, there’s so much more to think about when it comes to eating on a boat for a week or more as a group.

When you’re island-hopping, you can’t count on markets or grocery stores to be available where you dock/moor/anchor each evening. This means you need to provision your yacht in advance of your actual charter for the entirety of your charter. This requires a ton of planning. Our crews are experts at this; they know where to find everything on their lists, how to accommodate a variety of palates and dietary preferences, and how much food + drinks will actually be consumed over the course of a week.


@ocean.bex / @sail.felix


One other thing to keep in mind: few people truly enjoy cooking while on vacation, particularly as a daily responsibility. We see this happen to so many bare boaters who end up throwing out tons of food at the end of their charters because they ate out at restaurants way more than they anticipated.

2) Navigation

Even if you have plenty of boating experience elsewhere, learning the waters and conditions of a new locale can be stressful. We watch many bareboat charter vacations get ruined because people get in way over their heads. Whether it’s hitting an unexpected reef, crashing into a dock when the wind picks up, or accidentally slamming into another boat in a tight mooring field, there’s nothing that brings your holiday merriment to a halt faster.




Chartering with an experienced, licensed captain will ensure the safety of you, your group, and the boat, so your vacation can proceed without incident. Also, you’re free to imbibe as you please because there’s always a designated “driver” at the helm.

3) Local knowledge

Our crews live and work in the Virgin Islands for the majority of the year. They love their island home and especially enjoy showing their guests all of their favorite spots. Sure, you can research blogs and articles in advance of your trip, but nothing beats local knowledge. Our crews are here to show you the best beach bars, hikes, snorkeling/scuba spots, shops, natural wonders, and more.

4) Memory making

When traveling as a group, getting photos with everyone together is always a challenge. With a yacht crew, you’ve got built-in photographers who are happy to snap pics for you both on the boat and whenever you go ashore. Some of our crew are even experienced underwater photographers who can capture you making friends with the fishes.



5) Boat maintenance + cleaning

With boats, no matter how well they are maintained, it’s inevitable that sometimes things break. Do you really want to be responsible for unexpected repair work on your holiday? Our captains know their vessels in and out, and they have the skills + resources needed to fix almost any snafu without you even noticing.

Our crew will also keep the boat in ship shape throughout your entire charter – making beds, clearing dirty dishes, stowing away soggy beach towels, and tidying all the messes a group on a boat is capable of making.




6) Stress free family fun

Parents, in particular, find the crewed charter yacht experience revolutionary when it comes to family vacations. Taking kids on vacation can often feel like so much work for mom & dad that they end up feeling like they need another vacation after they get back home. Not so with a yacht crew at your fingertips.

A crewed yacht charter can feel like a true holiday for everyone – parents included! No thinking about what everyone’s going to eat, no cleaning up constantly after the kids, no planning out day after day of activities. Your crew will handle it all for you so you can both relax.

Overall, a crewed yacht charter is a far more luxurious experience. Put your feet up, and leave the work to our talented crew. Let us wine and dine you, show you around this incredible chain of islands, and curate a vacation you and your group will never forget.

If you have more questions about what a crew can do for you on yacht charter (or anything else), feel free to reach out to our yacht consultant – we’re always available to chat and help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Gastronomic Diversity On Board & Beyond Yacht Charters

Published in Magazine AUNO on May 18th

De origen vegetal, mediterráneo, asiático, sin gluten, paleo. La propuesta de la firma & Beyond Yacht Charters para vacacionar en el Caribe es para todos los gustos

La gastronomía es, sin duda, uno de los principales intereses de la mayoría de los viajeros a la hora de descubrir un nuevo destino. Los hay que planifican sus itinerarios a partir del descubrimiento de la cultura local a través del paladar, así como los que tienen un tipo de alimentación específico o los que siempre eligen sabores cotidianos sin importar la ubicación geográfica. Sea como sea, cuando se trata de vacaciones -y disfrute- a bordo, el equipo de &Beyond Yacht Charters se dedica especialmente a ofrecer una propuesta gastronómica de alto nivel, diversa y personalizada.

Cada barco cuenta con una tripulación de profesionales y anfitriones que ofrecen la posibilidad de una cocina con diferentes influencias gastronómicas a bordo, siempre con un factor en común: la calidad y frescura de sus productos. Antes del viaje, el equipo realiza una entrevista con los futuros huéspedes para crear un menú completamente personalizado y asegurarse de que los gustos culinarios acompañen la experiencia.

Estas son algunas de las propuestas gastronómicas a bordo de &Beyond Yacht Charters y su tripulación a cargo:




Fusión mexicana-asiática

Keagan and Olivia’s love of cooking is evident in the surprised and happy faces of their guests. One of his passions is to delight you with Mexican-Asian fusion cuisine, combining flavors, textures and colors. His seal of welcome on the first night aboard his ship and one of his specialties is chicken curry. Keagan and Olivia create delicious and healthy dishes always including seasonal vegetables to have enough energy for the activities of the day.

Plant based and raw

Heiko and Rebecca are certified captains and yoga and diving instructors. Rebecca is a lover of cooking and some of her specialties are the plant based and raw menus, since they both have a vegetarian diet. They usually entertain and surprise guests with their delicacies while visiting the best spots on the islands and sharing their passion for a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Italian roots and flavors

Stephanie grew up in a house with Italian roots where everyone cooked, always entertained and expressed their love through food. For her it is something very natural and in which she puts a lot of dedication. Her specialty is slow-cooked beef, “roman porchetta” and lobster that Jake catches right out of the sea.

Gluten free, keto, paleo and special diets

Chef Nikki se especializa en alergias y dietas restringidas. Tiene un gran conocimiento, particularmente en dietas sin gluten, ya que ha estado cocinando para una persona celíaca durante décadas, además de tener años de experiencia cocinando keto, paleo, vegano y Whole30. A Nikki le apasiona cocinar y adaptar sus platos en función de las limitaciones, elecciones y preferencias de los huéspedes. Tanto en su menú gastronómico como en su propuesta de actividades y descanso, & Beyond Yacht Charters nos invita a vivir unas vacaciones a bordo totalmente personalizadas.



Conozca más en: @andbeyondyachtcharters

Holidays On Board, The New Trend When Traveling

Published in Magazine Debut on May 11th

It is a modality that is on the rise in which travelers choose to discover new destinations aboard equipped and manned ships.

Boats with all the comforts, destinations that are best enjoyed from the sea, different experiences and a greater connection with nature are some of the reasons why travelers are choosing this trend in different parts of the world. Groups of friends, families, couples and even work teams opt for experiences in which they can combine their stay on land and sea.

In this note, a selection of hotels and firms that offer the navigation proposal. Either to vacation completely on board, to combine the stay on land with a few days at sea or to be able to rent a boat with crew and all the personalized services for a few hours.

And Beyond Yacht Charters and Lovango Resort in the Virgin Islands, Caribbean:

Created by Collin and Corinne, two lovers of the sea, &Beyond Yacht Charters is a manned boat rental firm with an all-inclusive service at sea. Based in the US Virgin Islands, their yachts cruise through several of the Caribbean’s most stunning islands and destinations. They have a fleet of 20 manned yachts, all in “exclusive, all inclusive” service mode through which they create totally personalized itineraries for their guests.

For those who are not yet encouraged to live on board for the entire stay, &Beyond Yacht Charters has an agreement with Lovango Resort through its “Stay and Sail” program, thus offering the possibility of enjoying a stay on a boat and in a hotel, both with all amenities.



The Coralina Island House and the Don Juan sailboat in Bocas del Toro, Panama:

In the heart of Bocas del Toro, an archipelago of seven islands surrounded by the tropical setting of Panama, La Coralina Island House is the newest concept in oceanfront luxury in the Caribbean. Officially opened in December 2021, the destination, its villas and suites provide an immersive experience in the exuberant nature of the country, with the best views of the ocean. One of its differential services is to offer its guests the possibility of embarking on board “Don Juan”, a ship designed by a world-renowned naval architect. Your vessel, Don Juan, is fully equipped to accommodate up to 6 passengers with 3 separate suites and bathrooms, kitchen, and service on board. On board Don Juan, guests have the opportunity to discover some of the best islands in Panama, such as the Escudo de Veraguas, in a unique way.





Hotel Las Islas and its Casa Navegante in the Barú Islands, Colombia

The Las Islas hotel, located in Barú, Cartagena, offers its guests the possibility of staying in one of its 56 bungalows: 23 at sea level, 33 in height with views of the sea and internal gardens of the Hotel and a Casa Navegante. For a completely different experience from the concept of bungalows, Hotel Las Islas offers the possibility of living a stay in its Casa Navegante, located in the Ciénaga de Cholón. The Casa Navegante experience includes two bedrooms with a king-size bed, two sofa beds, a living room, a freshwater or saltwater pool, a Japanese dining room and a regular dining room, two bathrooms, a freshwater shower, and amenities.




Fasano Hotel and its manned boats in Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Fasano Angra dos Reis opened its doors in December 2017, on the Costa Verde, one of the most unique destinations in Brazil. A hotel located in one of the most stunning areas of the region and with access to beaches, boutiques, golf courses. Although the hotel offers absolutely all the comforts, they know that one of the best ways to get to know Angra is from the sea. This is why they offer their guests the possibility of renting personalized boats to discover the most incredible scenery of the islands. You can also snorkel or dive. The hotel has its own marine crew and the tours are personalized with a duration of 4 to 8 hours. They also offer the possibility of taking navigation classes for those who are interested.


Island Passion Fruit Martini

Published in Revista Maria Orsini on May 18th

In these summer days, if you want to be in the sea, having a refreshing fruity martini, don’t you think? Well, our friends from &Beyond Yacht Charters share with us this delicious recipe, a classic from their boats, to enjoy on board on a hot day.

Focused on the British and American Virgin Islands, &Beyond organizes these incredible tours aboard private yachts that also include visits to the islands on land, so you can enjoy their cuisine and cocktails in either setting. Do you dare to prepare it to give yourself a little taste of the Virgin Islands?


Island Passion Fruit Martini: 1 serving in 5 minutes!


– 50ml vanilla vodka

– simple syrup 15ml

– 50 ml passion fruit liqueur

– 25 ml freshly squeezed lime juice

– 50 ml passion fruit puree

– 50 ml passion fruit juice

– ½ fresh passion fruit

– Ice cubes, a good handful


With the ice already in your shaker, add vanilla vodka, syrup, passion fruit liqueur, freshly squeezed lime juice, passion fruit purée, and passion fruit juice.
Secure the shaker lid and shake vigorously for approximately 20-30 seconds. Then strain into a chilled cocktail glass, but don’t fill the glass to the top. Now carefully add half the passion fruit, so that it floats on top of the foam.


Beyond Yacht Charters presents five new yachts

US Virgin Islands & Beyond Yacht Charters announced details of part of the yacht fleet for the 2022 season. &Beyond currently has 14 yachts, so there will always be the ideal vessel for every size and style of group.


Each boat is unique, as is its crew, but they all provide an unforgettable and excellent experience.

Big Nauti: For 8 people, 4 luxurious double cabins each with private bathroom, rate from USD 610 per person.- This “Multihull of the Year” award-winning catamaran is the perfect setting for an incredible getaway. Big Nauti is a new 2021 catamaran with numerous panoramic relaxation areas throughout the yacht. It has a large foredeck deck and has a relaxing lounge area and additional sun loungers. The foredeck has easy direct access to a stunning lounge for endless happy hours on board. Enjoy the great relaxing space of the sky-lounge with panoramic views of its beautiful surroundings. Big Nauti is well-appointed with a variety of amenities to keep you entertained throughout your vacation.

Sea Dog: Sleeps 6, 3 cabins with rates from USD 546 per person per night. Rest on the flybridge, a few steps from the train station helm, on a windy afternoon in the Virgin Islands, is an amazing pastime, especially when the boat has won the yacht charter award of the year in Sail Magazine. On this yacht, the outdoors literally pours into the saloon and cabins thanks to the glass wall and a skylight that extends through the living room. Offers a master cabin with a queen-size bed, living room, en-suite bathroom and two other cabins spacious queen, each with en-suite bathrooms.

Felix: For 8 people, 4 cabins with private bathroom, rates from USD 485 per night per person. Felix is a 2015 Lagoon 520 with 4 spacious queen size guest cabins. Felix has abundant lighting and natural ventilation throughout the yacht. Offers outdoor dining in the cabin and will comfortably accommodate all guests at the table. There are many options for sunbathing and multiple areas to avoid the sun of the noon if you wish. The sky lounge offers seating and a lounge area with 360 degree views. In addition, there is a rest area in the bow. Felix is perfect for family trips or with friends!

True Story: For 10 people, 5 cabins, rates from USD 615 per night, per person. True Story is a FP Victoria 67. Newly built and launched in 2016. It is elegant and extremely spacious, with a total length of 67 feet and a beam of 31 feet; truly the last in cruising comfort. The flybridge is nothing short of magnificent. It is accessed from the cabin with stairs on both sides. For the guests on board who want to relax, the seating area is incredibly comfortable with benches, side tables, a sofa and the comfort of A bar. A large bimini top provides an escape area from the sun for those who want some shade and there is integrated lighting for evening cocktails. All with epic views of the surrounding landscape. The large aft deck is shaded by the flybridge and offers additional comfortable lounging as well as an elegant setting for formal dining. True Story is equipped with a wide variety of water toys For guests interested in scuba diving, you won’t find a better option, offering a scuba diving experience premium with a full assortment of top-of-the-line equipment. Both crew members are certified Divemasters who love to share his passion for diving with his guests.

Libra: Sleeps 10 people, 5 cabins with private bathroom, rate from USD 407 per person, per nightLibra offers a sophisticated style and spacious living rooms. Voted the best boat of 2015 by Sail magazine, this sailboat is the perfect boat to share the joy of explore the beautiful Virgin Islands with your loved ones. Guests enjoy a generous sky lounge, and can also choose to relax in the spacious cabin or on the magnificent lounger out front. Guests can also enjoy the use of two Seabobs. The The yacht’s design provides fluid movement between the cockpit and the helm station, while the incredible space in the saloon evokes the atmosphere traditionally found only on much larger yachts.

& Beyond Yacht launches the “Stay + Sail” program

Published in Nautica News  on November 23th,2021

& Beyond Yacht Charters launches the “Stay + Sail” program for those who want to combine sailing with a few days ashore in the Virgin Islands.



For those who carry the sea and navigation in their blood there will be no better holidays than those in which they get on a boat of any type and size and sail the seas of some part of the world. & Beyond Yacht Charters welcomes these types of travelers constantly, but there are also those who venture to this experience for the first time or those who like the idea, but suspect that a whole week of sailing could be too much for them.



It is for this latter type of traveler that & Beyond created the Stay + Sail program in collaboration with Lovango, one of the most exclusive properties in St.Thomas. In this way, clients will be able to combine 3 to 5 nights aboard one of & Beyond’s exclusive ships and complete the week of vacation on land, in one of Lovango’s exclusive rooms.



The days on board will pass, as always, according to the preferences and wishes of each client. The captain will set course each day in search of new beaches and islands crossing all possible shades of turquoise, while the chef will delight her guests with exquisite dishes and cocktails at sunset. Both will be in charge of contributing as much entertainment as their “guests” require, they will make all the water sports available to them, they will take them to dive or snorkel in the coral reefs and they will give them all the privacy they want so that each one can find their own. perfect memory.



When it’s time to put your feet on the ground, you will have one of Lovango’s exclusive suites waiting for you to continue the experience, this time from another perspective. Lovango is on its own private island, off the coast of St. John. This season opens villas, treetop rooms and glamping-style tents so that guests can choose the type of accommodation that best suits their profile or travel idea. Each type of accommodation offers a different experience. Now is the time to explore the island, its villages, plantations, enjoy the hotel’s 3 beaches, the infinity pool or go for walks through its 45 acres of nature overlooking the ocean.



The “Stay + Sail” program offers the best of two worlds in one experience. A few days of pure sailing and in contact with the sea plus a few days of bare feet on the white sand of St. Thomas ensure that level of relaxation and enjoyment that we dream of all year long.


About & Beyond Yacht Charters:

& Beyond Yacht Charters is a professionally crewed yacht charter and management company from the US Virgin Islands. The team is dedicated to environmentally conscious hospitality, providing memorable vacations for families and friends that positively impact their lives. They pride themselves on immersing guests in the uniqueness of the US Virgin Islands and providing luxury charters filled with experience and fun.

Private Boats For A Summer With Its Own Bubble

Published in Weekend on November 21th, 2021

A trend reserved in other times for tycoons, rockstars, soccer stars and celebrities who sought refuge in privacy away from the paparazzi, today it is also an option to avoid the throes of the pandemic. It offers the tranquility of sailing the seas of the world, in small groups of friends, couples and team building.

Habitués of these experiences call them tasting. Catamarans are, without a doubt, the best option for lovers of privacy, exclusivity and all inclusive. There is a tourist segment that is growing more and more every day in the shadow of the traditional luxury navigators, the cruise ships, with a proposal that consists of living a few days, a week sailing with a rented captain or with one’s own crew, but counting on one of the travelers have a license to drive it. This can decrease up to 50% of the total cost of the offer.

Consultations for the summer increase with options ranging from US $ 15,000 to 20,000. Private boats are a new rental option with many items included that, when it comes to doing the math, provide a very good option, especially if you travel in groups in which a few good pesos are gathered before leaving for destination, in some cases reserving up to a year in advance. It is a luxury tourism but it covers a wide variety of budgets. You can rent from catamarans to yachts, through sailboats, schooners, with capacities ranging from 2, 8, 10 or up to 20 people. And live a kind of Big Brother with everything planned, to avoid major conflicts and have a superior 5-star experience.


The nautical charter


When we talk about organizing a private boat trip, there are many questions that may come to mind: How do I know which boat is the ideal one for the trip I have planned? What documentation do I need? Where to navigate? Are there routes better than others? What are the best destinations?

“Luckily, a nautical charter service can answer all these and many other questions that may arise in the process. In fact, one of the great advantages of a service is precisely personalized advice throughout the planning and booking process. of the trip”, they explain from Top Sailing Charter. Before leaving, there is also the possibility of attending webinars to be well trained in which Sergio Alós, CEO of the company with extensive experience sailing around the world, is in charge of addressing different aspects related to the different destinations. all adventure queries.



The ideal boat, key to Big Brother at sea

The choice of the boat is fundamental, the one that adapts to the specific needs, such as the number and style of the crew. Sufficient space in the interior and exterior spaces is essential to guarantee a stay without conflicts.



Catamaran: it stands out for its great stability as a result of its structure, made up of two identical hulls parallel to each other, its two engines and the fact that it does not have ballast makes this type of boat very light. Being able to accommodate up to 12 people, this is an ideal intermediate option at an economic level for groups of friends or families. Outside, they offer spacious areas to enjoy a good sunny day, while inside they provide more space than somewhat smaller boats such as sailboats.

Schooner: they are unique boats (yes, no two are the same) of great size and classic style that offer the best features to spend a few weeks at sea. Its use is quite common in certain destinations, such as Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Italy or even the Balearic Islands. They generally include a crew on board, although you can go with your own captain depending on the company you hire. Normally captain, cook and two or three additional crew members, being able to have the first two in the most basic alternatives.

Sailboat: it is a monocoque ship with two sails. In the case of recreational models, they are examples for lovers of the classic, in which the traditional navigation experience is enjoyed, but with the latest technology. They have less space in their interior compartments given their smaller size, being able to have two, three, four, five or six cabins.

Yacht: these are motor boats of 15 to 30 meters with spacious cabins, all with their own toilet, which are usually rented with a crew of two to five people. Beyond all the comforts offered by this type of boat, they are the best alternative for some destinations. For example, Greece, the Cyclades islands and, in particular, Santorini. or the Virgin Islands, visiting some of the corners of these 90 islands, islets and cays with a crew that is an expert in the area since they have lived in the place for many years. It is not just an operator. ¨The American Virgin Islands, especially the Leeward, are a perfect combination of Caribbean impetus and discreet elegance with European “charme”, synthesize those responsible for &Beyond Yacht Charter. Fishing, hiking, snorkeling and diving are some of the proposals or simply surrender to the landscape from a deckchair (contactus@andbeyondyachtcharters.com).
These adventurous guides have a program that has everything thought out and included. From the decisions of where to eat – the chef ensures autochthonous, natural cuisine fresh from the sea -, to where to go each day of visit, which transport to take, which hotel to choose in case you decide to spend the night outside of their luxurious ships, which They range from 2 to 5 cabins, from 40 to 60 feet.

Megayacht: The most elegant and comfortable option of all, with endless lengths between 30 and 60 meters. These are boats with two or three floors, which have four or five cabins and a service of around 10 crew members for rentals of 8 to 12 people. This type of boat has its own captain and crew, who will be in charge of attending to the guests; some have swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, cinemas, basketball courts and even heliports.


Insurance on the high seas and against the Coronavirus


There is a segment of luxury catamarans and sailboats that prevailed over all boats with the arrival of the pandemic and began to present themselves as a replacement for high-end hotel accommodation, offering tourists personalized food service, walks in contact with nature and a private area away from Covid 19 since all passengers enter tested and live in a bubble throughout the expedition. Each model has its own bathroom (hygiene in most cases where a captain or skipper is not hired is left to its members). And due to capacity issues, they can accommodate up to 20 people on average, although their capacities allow up to 48.

Where others cannot reach

Renting a boat allows the passenger to save on hotel rates by sleeping in cabins and moving to different places by way of free excursions, going down from port to port in a predetermined circuit exquisitely suggested by where the ship should go, and access by water to exclusive areas where others cannot reach. You can also “anchor” in the middle of the sea or in panoramic corners that are usually the postcard of the trip at dawn, during twilight or when you jump into the void from the boat to swim among turtles and colorful fish and other surprises. “It is an experience of independence and privacy, which is what many people are looking for today,” says Cecilia Vignolo, sales manager of Biblos Travel. “Some choose stays of 2 or 3 days or a week. Many indulge themselves and take advantage of the
boats to go down to snorkel or to fish,” said María Chiarotti, from the Mercado Turístico agency.

“The boats are offered mainly for tours of places where the geography allows it with greater safety. In beach areas of Brazil (the destination most demanded by Argentines), starting from Angra do Reis or Para Tí and the Caribbean are the most classic and accessible for Argentine tourists. But there were also reservations on the coast of Croatia and throughout Europe appealing more to a level of luxury”, added Vignolo.


In Argentina not everything is included

As for prices, you can pay in pesos if you hire from Argentina, but there is a wide range of options. Those provided below include boat rental, fuel, insurance, operating fee for cabins, ports of embarkation and disembarkation without crew or meals:
Sailboat Wind 34, with two cabins, one bathroom, and capacity for 6 people, price for five nights u$s1080.
For a Jeanneau 469 sailboat, with four cabins, four bathrooms and capacity for 8 passengers, you must pay US$3,680 for five nights.
For a Lipari 41 Catamaran, with 4 cabins, two bathrooms and 8 passengers, the same number of nights as the previous ones costs u$s4190.
Crewed option (a captain on board): Catamaran for 7 passengers, for five nights u$S10,500
According to Biblos travel, renting a boat for a day is an alternative that is being consulted more and more. There are departures with or without crew and they always include the necessary elements for water sports, food and drinks. In the Bahamas, for example, for this summer a boat for 8 passengers can cost
from US$3,500. There are also some who choose this option to navigate within Argentina. “In Bariloche or Villa La Angostura, there are tourists who decide to rent a boat for several days but without sleeping on it,” said Chiarotti. “They rent a house with
dock and they go out for a walk every day and in some cases it is chosen with a crew, ”he added. “It also occurs in Usuhaia, where many people who have experience in navigation usually go and combine their vacations with adventure tourism,” he concludes.

High-end destinations to plan

Turkey and Croatia are among the most in-demand luxury destinations. Both with history and unique exoticism in Europe and Asia. A week with family or friends on a cruise through the Dalmatian Islands between Split and Dubrovnik or through the Kohati Islands archipelago. Gulets and catamarans are ideal in Croatia for families or groups of friends formed wanting a unique, exclusive and special experience, for special small events and business trips or team building or alone. The language of communication on the ship is generally English but everything can also be arranged in Spanish. The capacities of the gulets in Croatia are usually between 6 and 14 people a board, few have more capacity and, those that are larger, have a capacity of up to approximately 40 passengers. Depending on the cruise category and season, weekly rental prices vary widely, generally between 15,000 and 65,000 euros, but the rent can also reach up to 200,000 euros per week. They are rented by the week, from Saturday to Saturday (info@ekorna.nert).
Turkey is a must, after passing through the obligatory stopover, Istanbul, we will have to go to the marinas of Marmaris, an area bathed by the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, where they converge to enter exclusive circuits that touch paradises such as Gosek or the Bay of las Mariposas, to appreciate the sunset surrounded by sea turtles, reggae and crown the journey with good local drinks despite alcohol restrictions.

5 reasons why sail with &Beyond Yacht Charters

Published in NewsWeek on November 22th,2021

1.- Discover super exclusive landscapes and destinations at the hands of locals.

Who doesn’t like to feel like they found that hidden beach? That super photogenic landscape that has anyone else seen? Feel for a little while the exclusivity of a hidden beach, without a soul, ready to welcome us and provide only for us. &Beyond crews are experts in giving us this experience, day by day. They have previously found incredible places, just accessible by boat and they know exactly what is the best time of day to go. have lived in the Virgin Islands for many years, sailing endless hours and diving to places indescribable. One of the best features of these trips is to go hand in hand with guides adventurers who share their secrets with visitors.

2.- Travel with everything resolved and included

Vacation is synonymous with absolute rest. This includes decisions about where to eat, where to go each day of visit, what transport to take, what hotel to choose, etc. In the case of programs. With &Beyond Yacht Charters, the possibility of relaxing and not worrying about even thinking about what eat, what new place to visit, how to get around, and what activity to do, are resolved. Prior to trip, the &Beyond team and crew resolve all these issues, making sure it is the decision that one would make.

3.- Sleep like you have never done before.

In the sea we can find the most absolute silence and the ideal comfort for a rest matchless. One of the great surprises of those who venture on this journey is to discover that seldom have you experienced such profound rest prior to this journey. Just by removing the shoes and put your feet on the yacht, feel the sea breeze when you start sailing, you experience a feeling of relaxation that ensures that long-awaited rest, so refreshing.

4.- Eat rich, natural, healthy and fresh from the hand of a chef who takes care of entertaining his diners.

This trip has a great quality. The crew is here to pamper and give you absolutely all tastes to its passengers. A few days before the trip, the crew keeps a conversation with the group to learn about their tastes and preferences. The idea is that each food unforgettable. It is always cooked giving priority to local, seasonal and fresh. The menu is designed so that diners are surprised with their favorite dishes and discover new flavors. Typical dishes from different parts of the world and specialties from each crew. Without a doubt, the food does not go unnoticed and is a great plus on board.

5.- A la carte activities

Like the food, all the activities are organized according to the preferences of the group. The destination is very versatile and allows you to organize the day with very varied activities ranging from yoga classes on board, on a pier or a beach, cooking classes, diving, snorkeling, fishing, walks or simply rest on a beach contemplating the landscape. always looking for a good time for one of the many board games on board, all accompanied by a rich glass of wine.

Company Seeks to Position itself in the Market

Published in El Norte on October 11th

&Beyond Yacht Charters is a manned boat rental firm with an all-inclusive service at sea. Each voyage can be fully and thoroughly customized based on number of guests, dates and vessel preferences.

Its fleet is made up of a wide variety of luxury yachts, with great comfort and exhaustive maintenance to ensure the best comforts and performance.

Whether it’s a trip for 10 friends or a romantic getaway for two, &Beyond has the perfect yacht for every occasion. With boats ranging from 2 to 5 cabins, from 40 to 60 feet, each yacht is fully equipped to offer an “All Inclusive” stay.

Delicious gastronomy, cocktails and wines from around the world, sports and unforgettable excursions. Each itinerary is planned in a personalized way, each of the client is a mission for the crew’s desire. “In this way, the most difficult decision that the client has to make will be what I am going to wear today.”

The crew is one of the highlights of &Beyond, as they are highly professional and attentive to every detail. They always sail the same boat, knowing the yacht in all its expression and preparing a personalized menu with a wide variety of water sports and shore excursions.

The shipping company offers Colombian travelers a unique luxury experience aboard its yachts.
Guests may choose to:
*The US Virgin Islands, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world known for their white sands and the magnificence of their underwater world.
*The British Virgin Islands are a boater’s paradise. Each island that forms this immaculate volcanic archipelago has its own personality and enclaves of dreams
*The Spanish Virgin Islands, as small as they are unique, are perhaps the least known of the Virgin Islands. Located between Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, they have places rarely visited by tourists.
*The Leeward Islands are a perfect blend of Caribbean grit and understated elegance with European charm.
*The Winward Islands exemplify diversity and tradition, many of its keys and islands are inhabited. Here guests have great possibilities to feel like masters of their own private island.

Finding you in the sea

Published in Flavia Tomaello on  October 12th,2021

The crew of &Beyond Yacht Charters is one of the keys to the success of the project. They ensure that a week of sailing in the Caribbean in the Caribbean has a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the people who experience it. We all dream of a week of sailing some of the most breathtaking islands and beaches in the Caribbean. The sailing enthusiasts and connoisseurs will surely pay close attention to the type of yacht, the feet, etc. The who are going to experience this type of trip for the first time will want details of the route to be taken or what is included in the stipulated price. Without However, what very few consider is key to the success of this vacation: your crew.


They will be in charge of taking us to the best “spots”, ensuring a safe and pleasant navigation, cooking
delights, but they are also key when it comes to entertaining and sharing some of their knowledge. Above all things, his gift of hosts, their good predisposition and their Mexibility make the difference. &Beyond Yacht Charters understood perfectly their importance and propose a scheme that differentiates them from the rest of the yacht charter companies.


Their crew is carefully selected and they work exclusively for them, always on the same boat during the entire season, in many cases, for several seasons. Collin and Corinne, owners of &Beyond Yacht Charters, trust fully in their nautical skills, their credentials guarantee it, but they also know that they have great people who they love what they do and that they are very happy sharing with others. They come from different parts of the world, but they all agree in love for their lifestyle and the word that stands out in each of the interviews is “freedom”. The freedom they feel when they navigate, when they discover a different wonder at sea, when they witness new postcards every day, when they touch the deck of their yacht with their bare feet and on especially when they see the happiness on the faces of their guests.


Keagan and Olivia are the crew of the Sea Dog yacht, two young men with a wealth of sailing experience who love to meet people and quickly make their guests feel like they’ve known them for years. They both always lived near the water and boats since they were kids, but they never thought that their life would be what it is today. Keagan lived in South Africa and when he chose a profession, he knew that offices were not his thing, so he decided to become a captain. As a teenager Olivia went on vacation to the Virgin Islands and fell in love with the place and the lifestyle, her love for the sea and sailing was born there, but she only knew that she would dedicate herself to this when she met Keagan and they planned this life together. The itineraries are totally tailor-made with the information they receive about the preferences of their guests, they never do exactly the same route, depending on whether they want to visit more tourist sites or a trip with a lot of tranquility and contact with nature… there is always a new place to find secret beaches and unique places.


Olivia loves to cook and it shows in the happy expression of her guests. One of her specialties is chicken curry.
which is the welcome stamp from her on the first night. She likes the Mexican-Asian fusion, the mixture of flavors, textures and colors, while she creates healthy dishes including seasonal vegetables to have enough energy for the activities that she raises the day. When talking about special experiences that she lived, it is difficult for them to find one among so many, but they remember that time that after a small storm the sun came out and a hundred dolphins accompanied them on the last journey to the port.They had never seen so many dolphins together. Her guests are usually people who are under stress all year round, spend a week at Sea Dog with them and reach unimaginable levels of relaxation. This was the experience for a client who told them that she had had her first uninterrupted night’s sleep in 20 years!


Jake and Stephanie are the crew of the Dreamcatcher yacht. They met 12 years ago and have been living on boats for 5 years. What they love most about their life at sea is the possibility that this job gives them to meet people from all over the world. Last season they had 96 guests on board and they feel like they have 96 new friends. Stephanie grew up in a house Italian roots where everyone cooked, always received people and expressed their love through food. For her it is something very natural in what he puts a lot of love. She tries to put together a menu according to the preferences of each guest. Her specialty is the slow-cooked beef, the Roman porchetta, and the lobster that Jake catches right out of the sea. every crew proposes a different experience and this is certainly the case with Jake and Stephanie, since there are actually four crew members if We counted the two dogs on board, Parker (10 months) and Daisy (7 years). The dogs are a very special part of the experience and the The &Beyond Yacht Charters team always makes sure their guests love these four-legged crew. The families with children are the ones that most request this crew. Both were trained to behave on board, they play when guests want to interact with them and relax on deck or take a swim when the itinerary calls for it. One of Jake and Stephanie’s favorite experiences to surprise their guests is swimming with bioluminescence. Some Guests don’t feel safe swimming or snorkeling in the dark, but trust them and when they find these tiny lights illuminating the sea and generating a magical effect in the water they immediately understand that it was worth it and that they will never forget it. Another of her favorite anecdotes was that of a woman who wanted to see a turtle in the sea, but the sea sometimes brings us better surprises than we wanted… to her surprise, a dolphin approached and swam for 20 minutes with her. What perhaps best describes this crew is the show they created two years ago: “Dreams come True”. They reserve two weeks of navigation to offer it free of charge to people who could not afford it. This is how they had the immense pleasure of doing it for a single mother with her son from St. Thomas or a person with terminal cancer from California. Those are the most special weeks for them, where they learn the most from their guests. They are experiences that make them grow as people and mark them forever. This beautiful example could be explained in Jake’s life motto “Be part of those acts of kindness that you wish you saw more often in the world”.


Chino and Noa are two Israelis who one day decided to change their lives to fully enjoy the sea having crewed more of 25 trips. Today they are the crew of the &Beyond Yacht Charters yacht called True Story. Chino is a very experienced captain who also loves fishing and takes special care to bring delicacies directly of the sea, when this activity is allowed, for its guests. He is also a specialist when it comes to entertaining with different board games and water sports. Noa loves to cook and her specialty is Mediterranean gastronomy with influences from Central America and the Caribbean, not forgetting of course the spices from her native Israel.

Both are sports lovers and diving instructors, with them experiences in the water are guaranteed. They take care of of every detail so that your guests can dedicate themselves only to enjoying themselves. One of his favorite memories is of that itinerary where suddenly the wind stopped completely, the sea looked like a swimming pool and they enjoyed lunch while. They felt that something special would happen. Suddenly, in front of their ship, they began to see a large number of whales. The decision it was unanimous and immediate, they all ventured out to sea and enjoyed Motar amongst themselves. Each trip is different, the color of the water, the landscapes, its guests and the surprises that the sea has in store for them. They are very clear that in recent years aboard boats will be the best of your life.


The crew of the Three Sisters yacht is certainly special as they are both captains. Heiko, born in Germany, left in 2014 his Career in IT to dedicate himself to traveling and sailing. Rebecca grew up in New York, but traded the concrete jungle for jungles of truth and crystal clear water floors. She speaks perfect Spanish and loves being able to practice every time she hosts guests from speak Spanish. What they love most about her work and her life at sea is waking up every morning with that wonderful view and living outdoors, change places every day and receive people, whether they are groups of friends or a couple on a romantic trip. The next season a new challenge awaits you aboard one of the boats recently incorporated into the Mota de & Beyond Yacht Charters, with which they will make itineraries in the American and British Virgin Islands. The most magical moments of their itineraries include unique places like Waterland Bay where everything is nature and one of the best areas for snorkeling or that secret spot on St. John where you can swim with lots of turtles. Rebecca is a PADI Instructor and loves the challenge of accompany those who want to dive, but are afraid or have not practiced it for a long time. With her it is a very natural and relaxed. If they need her to hold their hand, she will do so throughout the experience. The reward will be the face of happiness and amazement of her guests admiring the underwater beauty that includes turtles, eagle rays, sharks, etc. Heiko is a freediving or apnea master and can guide guests who want to experience this type of diving. He has taught this technique to children and 60-year-olds. Everyone can according to the possibilities of him and have time to spare to adapt to the needs of each person. They can go down 10 to 15 meters in 2 days and the general comment later to experience it is: why didn’t I do it before! They are the ideal crew for those seeking outdoor and water activities, especially diving. It is also the perfect alternative for vegetarians and vegans, as they both enjoy this type of food and Rebecca cooks delicacies adapting to the preferences of the guests.

The mission of & Beyond Yacht Charters is that its guests not only have a wonderful vacation, but also also discover something else about themselves that will positively change different aspects of their lives forever. This It wouldn’t be possible without a crew that shares the company’s values and passion.