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Whether you’ve already booked an upcoming yacht charter vacation, or if you’re still searching for the right dates and yacht combination, one thing you might be wondering is, How will we spend our days exactly while we’re on charter?


There are essentially endless combinations for how to comprise a vacation day aboard one of our yachts, and it’s largely based on personal preference when it comes to specific activities. But we thought we might give anyone who is curious a peek into a day on yacht charter, for the sake of an example. 

Come on – let’s spend a day on a yacht charter together, shall we?

You wake up naturally, not to the sound of an alarm, but to the smell of coffee brewing. You can hear the waves gently lapping against the side of the hull, and see the sunshine peeking in from behind your curtains. 

You head up, past the kitchen where your chef is putting breakfast together, and emerge onto the aft deck. You grab a seat at the table and sip a cup of coffee while taking in the panoramic water view. 


big nauti breakfast table


Breakfast is served; it’s huevos rancheros today with plenty of tropical fruits on the side. Your captain joins you to present his plan for the day, based on the desires you expressed to him at the start of your charter. You’re excited about the day ahead.

Once breakfast is over and you’ve had time to let it settle, you and your companions hop into the warm water for a leisurely guided morning snorkel around the reef adjacent to where the boat is moored. While you’re in the water, breakfast is cleaned up and before you know it the captain’s prepped the boat to sail on. 


Felix under sail


Once back onboard, the mooring is released, the sails go up, and your yacht heads in the direction of its next stop. You and your companions lounge on the flybridge while underway, snacking on some post-snorkel fruit and baked treats. 

Your next stop is a unique mass of rocks rising from the sea with a glorious reef extending below them. Your group is split in their desires here, so some of you jump in and snorkel the reef while a few opt to kayak around the vicinity.


Indians snorkeling


After everyone’s had their fun, you all make your way back to the boat, famished from your swim. A charcuterie board awaits and the first cocktails of the day are poured. Onto the next stop!

It’s a breezy ride over to the harbor where you’ll spend today’s overnight. The boat secures a prime mooring near the shore, and lunch is served on the deck. Today’s lunch is hearty to fuel you up after all the morning’s activities – mahi mahi wraps with a Caribbean curried potato salad that you know you’re going to crave forever after this meal. 

After lunch, the captain accompanies you and dinghies you into shore to explore while the boat is cleaned and organized for the evening. You and your companions check out the gift shop and then hit up the beach bar to sip a few cocktails in the shallows of the white sand beach. 


cooper island beach



When you’ve had your fill of the beach, you all head back to the boat and everyone pursues the activity of their choice – some read on the deck, some float on a raft, and a few head out to do some tubing with the captain behind the tender. 

Everyone showers and freshens up for the evening, meeting back on the deck to lounge with sundowners and appetizers to watch the sunset over the horizon. 


sunset floating


Post-sunset, everyone’s somehow hungry again for dinner mostly because something smells amazing coming from the (kitchen) galley. Tonight, the chef has put together a locally inspired surf n’ turf – steak & Caribbean spiny lobster over a dreamy, creamy orzo. Dessert is a passionfruit creme brulee served with a local spiced rum digestif. 

After dinner, the kids decide they’d like to relax before bed with a movie in the lounge. A few of the adults head back ashore to sample rums from around the world at the Rum Bar. The rest of the group snags one of the board games from the yacht’s collection and plays on the deck under the stars.


felix under sail


By the time everyone heads to bed for the night, the mooring field is peacefully quiet, once again lulling you to sleep with gentle lapping water against the hull and the Coqui frogs chirping in the distance from shore. 



This is just a glimpse into one day on a yacht charter. The good news? You’ve got at least 5-7 other days to play around with and customize to your heart’s desire. 

Want to go scuba diving? Hike to the peak of an island and view the entire island chain from a fresh vantage point? Have a bar crawl along a famous white sand beach populated by several iconic beach bars? It’s all possible!

Our crews are here to bring it all together for you as seamlessly as possible. They are available to accompany guests on all excursions off the boat whether it be snorkeling, beach bar hopping, hiking, you name it. 

Our crews are experts in their realm and here to share their knowledge with you as your personal guides. Whether it’s pointing out an uncommon sea creature, or introducing you to a favorite bartender, we ensure you feel not just taken care of, but spoiled on your charter. (Though do know that they can also “read a room” and give you your space whenever you prefer it!)

On your yacht charter, we plan around what YOU want to do. No matter what you decide, one thing is certain – paradise will be paradise. 


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