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5 reasons why sail with &Beyond Yacht Charters

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Published in NewsWeek on November 22th,2021

1.- Discover super exclusive landscapes and destinations at the hands of locals.

Who doesn’t like to feel like they found that hidden beach? That super photogenic landscape that has anyone else seen? Feel for a little while the exclusivity of a hidden beach, without a soul, ready to welcome us and provide only for us. &Beyond crews are experts in giving us this experience, day by day. They have previously found incredible places, just accessible by boat and they know exactly what is the best time of day to go. have lived in the Virgin Islands for many years, sailing endless hours and diving to places indescribable. One of the best features of these trips is to go hand in hand with guides adventurers who share their secrets with visitors.

2.- Travel with everything resolved and included

Vacation is synonymous with absolute rest. This includes decisions about where to eat, where to go each day of visit, what transport to take, what hotel to choose, etc. In the case of programs. With &Beyond Yacht Charters, the possibility of relaxing and not worrying about even thinking about what eat, what new place to visit, how to get around, and what activity to do, are resolved. Prior to trip, the &Beyond team and crew resolve all these issues, making sure it is the decision that one would make.

3.- Sleep like you have never done before.

In the sea we can find the most absolute silence and the ideal comfort for a rest matchless. One of the great surprises of those who venture on this journey is to discover that seldom have you experienced such profound rest prior to this journey. Just by removing the shoes and put your feet on the yacht, feel the sea breeze when you start sailing, you experience a feeling of relaxation that ensures that long-awaited rest, so refreshing.

4.- Eat rich, natural, healthy and fresh from the hand of a chef who takes care of entertaining his diners.

This trip has a great quality. The crew is here to pamper and give you absolutely all tastes to its passengers. A few days before the trip, the crew keeps a conversation with the group to learn about their tastes and preferences. The idea is that each food unforgettable. It is always cooked giving priority to local, seasonal and fresh. The menu is designed so that diners are surprised with their favorite dishes and discover new flavors. Typical dishes from different parts of the world and specialties from each crew. Without a doubt, the food does not go unnoticed and is a great plus on board.

5.- A la carte activities

Like the food, all the activities are organized according to the preferences of the group. The destination is very versatile and allows you to organize the day with very varied activities ranging from yoga classes on board, on a pier or a beach, cooking classes, diving, snorkeling, fishing, walks or simply rest on a beach contemplating the landscape. always looking for a good time for one of the many board games on board, all accompanied by a rich glass of wine.

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